6 Types Of Women Without Self-Confidence

Types Of Women Without Self-Confidence, Among Which You Wouldn’t Want To Be

Women Without Self-Confidence

The clumsiness, arrogance or aggression of some people actually mask a weakness. But how many of us are so well built that be able to say: it doesn’t affect my personality? If we look closely, there is another scared child in each of us. How do we take the glove and bring it to light? With courage and confidence. Here we are going to understand what women without self-confidence are.

There are some interesting classification of some human typologies that express the lack of self-confidence. Sometimes they seem full of power, but in reality they are not. Do you recognize yourself in any of them (I recognized myself in about four)? And how can you overcome its shortcomings?

1  The Dominator

She feels the need to control, to the smallest detail, both her life and the life of others. She is not confident that others can do as well as she does. Therefore, she prefers to do it all on her own, despite the great efforts she has to make or the major difficulties she may sometimes face.

She is not willing to ask for help and has great problems accepting another authority. She knows how to coordinate a group of people to achieve great results in record time, but she forgets that the others are not like her and that is why, for some, her way of acting can be demanding, tiring, stressful, unmotivated. This can be very critical and misunderstood.

Her weakness – She has great difficulty in giving up, both, life in general, and her beloved man. Flees intimacy. Feels the need to know all the details to control a situation, which can be extremely tiring, even unbearable for those close to her. This makes her one of the women without self-confidence.

How to overcome it – By knowing and understanding other human typologies and archetypes. She needs to understand that not everyone is like her. A person who has self-confidence, also trusts others. She knows how to empower them and awaken the best in them.

2  The Victim

She’s always worried about her health, safety, life or future. She perceives herself as the victim of the unfortunate circumstances of life, in front of which she feels helpless. She is not able to face even the smallest of difficulties, which is why she is always worried and complaining.

In her distorted vision, she is always perfect and all the others around her, who made her suffer, are monsters. She accepts with great difficulty that she was wrong, even when the situation is as obvious as possible. Most often they indulge in inertia and passivity, which further deepens their victim status.

Her weakness – Full of fear and powerless, she tends to avoid open conflict when someone upset her, and to get rid of the inner tensions that arise then, she uses irony, wickedness and gossip. In relationships with men it is incapable of giving, always waiting for an other new and new evidences of love, which are never enough. This behavior pushes her to be one of the women without self-confidence.

How she overcomes – She must learn to take responsibility for her life. It is very important to develop a positive and optimistic attitude. Absolutely all people go through difficult times but, while a victim sits and cries, a confident woman acts and succeeds, she overcomes the moment, always learning from it.

3  The Unsure


She desperately wants to be liked and accepted. The idea of being criticized and rejected by others is most frightening. Therefore, she tries hard not to upset anyone and because of this she risks making many compromises.

It is an introverted and withdrawn thread. She does not take the risk of intervening in a discussion or exposing another point of view, for fear of not being humiliated or criticized. From the desire to be pleasant, she can borrow the habits or style of those whose approval she desires.

Thus, she creates a new person in her skin, a facade that is further away from her real and authentic being. In the end it reaches the situation in which she is no longer recognized, none longer knows who she really is. Finally, she no longer likes herself, which further amplifies the suffering and distrust. This is another type from the women without self-confidence.

Her weakness – She has a destructive tendency to get trampled, both in relation to her beloved man and to others. Because she does not have the courage to assert herself, being always silent, those around her may consider her as unintelligent or even banal person. Most often she is not appreciated or respected.

How She Overcomes – It must focus on self-acceptance and self-love. It is impossible to thank everyone, there will always be some who have something to criticize. Not to judge others and, in particular, not to put them in the first place. Develop their confidence in their own feelings, intuitions, thoughts and follow them, no matter what others say.

4  The Perfectionist

Everything she does must be perfect. To dress perfectly for any occasion, to speak exactly what it needs and when she should, to be blameless at work, and in her house to be perfect order and cleanliness. In other words, everything should be impeccable.

Sometimes it can be very competitive. She has to be, by all means, the best in everything she does. Fearing of not making mistakes, she may waste precious time, due to insignificant details, and endlessly postponing important action because she never feels ready enough.

Very attentive to details, she has an exacerbated critical sense. As a result, she is unrelenting to the outside and extremely self-critical. Again, another type from the women without self-confidence.

Her weakness – Dependence on perfection has its source in distrust of what she really is. In fact, she wants to prove first and foremost how good she is, worthy of all the consideration and admiration, and that makes her seek perfection in things and external manifestations.

How she goes beyond – She has to look for true treasures, especially in her soul, as well as in her close ones, those with whom she interacts. She needs to understand that the essence, and then the detail, is important first. To cultivate self-gratification, reconciliation with oneself, and automatically with the whole world.

5  The Dependent

Types Of Women Without Self-Confidence

She does not trust that she can handle things alone, that she can cope with life situations and experiences and that is why she always thinks she needs someone to help and support her. In a relationship, she becomes totally emotionally dependent on her husband. So, she call him countless times a day, asking for confirmation that he had not forgotten her. She feels the need for him to help her in everything, she asks him for even the most banal things.

She appeals to the emotional blackmail to make others pay attention to her needs, desires and demands, using as a weapon even her weaknesses. At an end, she will lose her relationship with a man, by completely giving up her life and borrowing his own. Everything she does, does for him, enjoys his achievements as if they were her own. And yet, this is another type from the women without self-confidence!

Her Weakness – Her addiction becomes suffocating, which most often removes people from her life. Fear and mistrust make her unable to have a personal, independent life.

How she overcomes – It is necessary to realize that it can handle very well and alone in any situation. To pursue as many things as possible without anyone’s help.

6  The Competitive

They always compare with other people and always compare things with each other. The unit of measure is: “more / better versus less / worse than”. In any context she would be, she does not conceive the idea of someone else being better than her, from any point of view. She is a follower of hierarchies and she is willing to make every effort to reach the front. Again a different type from the women without self-confidence.

Women Without Self-Confidence-

Her weakness – She consciously minimizes her shortcomings or blunders and never gives up until she reaches her goal. Because she does not trust herself, she has a constant need to prove her worth by comparing herself to others.

How it goes beyond – It must be understood in the most profound way that every human being is unique and special in its own way; and that, as far as the essence of a human being is concerned, no comparisons can be made. The only constructive comparison is between what was and what is now, from the perspective of personal transformation and evolution.

“When we blame different people or external circumstances for our failures, we subconsciously feel powerless to influence events in the desired direction.” Julia Kolozsvari

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