Mature Women Vs Immature Women

Mature Women and Immature Women …

Immature Women

Lessons always come when you’re ready, and if you pay attention to the signs, you’ll always find out what you need for the next step. Mature women and immature women …

  •  Immature women keep their agenda completely empty and wait for a man to call them. Mature women make their own plans and say thank you to the man they appreciate being welcome in those activities, they want to participate in.
  •  Immature women always want to control the man in their lives. Mature women know that if the man is truly theirs, control is absolutely useless.
  •  Immature women “check” the man who didn’t call them. Mature women are too busy to notice that he hasn’t called.
  •  Immature women try to “chase” a man using the attraction. Mature women know that only intelligence can cause a man to want to “chase” you.
  •  Immature women are afraid of periods when they are on their own. Mature women appreciate these periods and use them as a precious time in which you can make great personal progress.

mature woman

  •  Immature women are constantly worried that they are not beautiful or good enough for a particular man. Mature women know that they are beautiful and good enough for any man.
  •  Immature women try to monopolize their husbands all the time. The mature woman realizes that she can quietly give him the space – this will make the time spent later in the couple even more enjoyable and special –
  •  Immature women think that a crying man is a weak man … Mature women give him a shoulder to cry on and a handkerchief.
  •  Immature women want to be pampered and they tell this to their man. Mature women “show” the man who means pampering and make him feel comfortable enough to be able to respond reciprocally without fear that he will lose his “manhood.”
  •  Immature women are hurt by one man and they make all the other men pay for that one’s sins. Mature women know that it was just ONE man.
  •  Immature women fall in love and hunt the object of their affection even in the white canvas, ignoring all the signals they receive and all the realities that do not match their delusions. Mature women treat everything, regardless of outcome, without bitterness and anger. ”

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