How To Choose Your Perfume

How to choose your signature perfume, according to the top perfumers



Finding the perfect perfume is an extremely personal experience, which involves patience and getting to know yourself and what you love. If you want to discover your signature perfume – to love and people to always associate with you – the top perfumers have several tips that could help you.

Analyze yourself before anything

When looking for your signature perfume, you need to consider three things, according to Adam Anderson, who is Chief Commercial Officer at The Fragrance Shop. “First, what is your everyday aesthetic?” He said. “Are you a sophisticated, upbeat, modern, glam person? Then what kind of smells do you attract in your daily life? Do you like flowers, citrus fruits, sweets, vanilla, musk, wood? Then think about the purpose of this perfume, is it for daily use, for the evening, for special occasions, for work? Go to these three pieces of information with a perfume expert, and they will give you recommendations based on your profile ”.

Find out what notes do you like

Do you like roses? There is a chance you will like it in perfume too – but just as well, it may not fit well with your skin and you may hate it. Jo Malone, the founder of Jo Loves, said: “Most people are attracted to smells either woody, citrusy or floral, so this is a good starting point.” Keep in mind that there are many websites that can help you in your search. On these sites, you can search for perfumes according to the house that produces them, popularity, notes and many other criteria.

What are people’s favorite notes


A perfume has top notes, middle notes and base notes. “The top notes are the first notes you feel when trying on a perfume, so these are the ones that shape your first impressions of a perfume,” said expert Emily Hewitt of The Perfume Shop. Notes like bergamot, orange, grapefruit, lemon, basil, tend to be the most popular, according to experts.

The top notes then melt into the middle notes. “These are usually floral, full-bodied notes, which are more resistant than the top notes, but less than the base notes and form the center of the fragrance,” Hewitt said. The most popular middle notes are jasmine, rose, pepper, neroli flower and ylang ylang. Finally, the basic notes come. “These notes are the ones you remember the most and that shape memories in your mind,” Hewitt said. These include sandalwood, musk, vanilla, cedarwood and patchouli.

Test the perfumes correctly

There are many places where you can test perfumes, but it is good to do it correctly. “Give yourself time and decide over a period of time, do not test more than two perfumes per shopping session, because the scents will combine into one,” said Anderson. Also, it is best to test the perfume on the skin, not on the testers, to see how it interacts with your pH – for example, it is possible to quickly conquer the top notes, to rush to buy the perfume, and when you come home to realize that you loosen the basic notes.

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