Strange And Popular Tourist Attractions: Pompeii

Strange And Popular Tourist Attractions: Places Filled With Human Remains


In general, human remains are the last thing we would expect to meet in a tourist destination. However, there are some popular tourist attractions where hundreds of perfectly preserved skeletons or corpses can be seen.

Some from this touristic places sight discreetly the corpses, and visitors don’t even realize they are there. In other cases, the remains are exposed, and visitors pass by them as if it were an artifact.

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Among the most bizarre popular tourist attractions is the ancient city of Pompeii. The Vesuvius erupted around noon on August 24, 79 (or, according to the new findings, sometime in October or November of that year).

The eruption threw hot ash into the air and over the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Ash fell on people and homes, blocking doors and causing roofs to collapse. At the same time, the ashes filled the roads, preventing people from escaping.

Thousands of people fought with the ashes and escaped, but several thousand others remained in their homes, where they hid and, fearfully, covered their heads with pillows.

Those who survived the falling ash and the roofs that collapsed died the next morning, when the pyroclastic flow began to flow down the sides of the mountain.


Pompeii remained forgotten until, in 1738, it was rediscovered. The diggers set to work and realized immediately that the skeletons of those killed in the 79 eruption were surrounded by empty spaces that kept the contours of their bodies.

So they started pouring gypsum into the spaces around the skeletons. Today, we have hundreds of models of gypsum with the remains of those who died during the famous eruption.

Also here are the plaster remnants of animals. The gypsum clearly depicts the figures and features of humans and animals, just as they were at the time of death.

About 1,150 bodies were excavated in Pompeii, but historians believe that another 2,000 people found their end immediately after the eruption. Given that only three quarters of Pompeii have been excavated, there are probably more skeletons beneath the earth.

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