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10 Lessons from Abraham – The Law of Attraction

Valuable lessons about the Law of Attraction that can change your life. Lessons from Abraham Hicks: 1 –  There has never been any injustice anywhere in this dimension – time – space. The Law of Attraction does not promote injustice. The Law of Attraction amplifies the vibration that is inside

How To Manifest! Law Of Attraction – Materialization (2)

How to manifest your desires – the way of thinking Of course, anyone can play and see how this game can be improved. A very good method is when the game is played in three, because in two there is a greater chance of forgetting – as Esther did –

What Is Vibrational Energy And How To Use It?

About Vibrational Energy Are you used to think in terms of “vibrations”? You feel the vibrational energy you receive from other people?(their vibrations make up volumes, even before they open their mouths to speak!) You rise/align to the vibrational energy of people, and in a moment, you like a person