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Healing Through Positive Thoughts And Subconscious

Scientific Evidence That Shows Healing Through Positive Thoughts And Subconscious In his book, ” The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”, Joseph Murphy shows the great healing power for the body and the life trough positive affirmations and the full confidence in the power of the subconscious to maintain our lives

What Is Meditation And Why Should Be Part Of Your Life?

What is meditation? The noise from the streets, the doors slamming, the TVs in the background, the phones whose notifications don’t stop, the songs ringing from the headphones of the office colleagues… All of these are part of our daily lives and all are stressors, anxiety, frustrations and nerves. If

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – Medical Remedy Or Self-Hypnosis?

Meditation Can meditation – this technique inspired by Buddhism, which continues to seduce the West – be applied in contemporary medical practices? To draw attention to inner self, to own feelings, sensations, emotions and ideas, without being judged by other people, here is the cognitive therapy based on meditations, empowered