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10 Lessons from Abraham – The Law of Attraction

Valuable lessons about the Law of Attraction that can change your life. Lessons from Abraham Hicks: 1 –  There has never been any injustice anywhere in this dimension – time – space. The Law of Attraction does not promote injustice. The Law of Attraction amplifies the vibration that is inside

How To Manifest! Law Of Attraction – Materialization

How to manifest your desires Esther Hicks, Abraham’s voice, teaches us how to manifest, to materialize our desires. If we manage to keep our thoughts clean, without pessimism, without negativity for a minute and a few seconds, it might not manifest and materialize instantly, but the energy we fell, the

Law Of Attraction – The Power Of Love(4)

Know That The Law Of Attraction Is The Law Of Love Whenever you think about what you do not like (doubling your thoughts with negative emotions), the life force of your cells decreases! Whenever you think of love for something – it may be a simple sunny day, a new

Law Of Attraction – The Power Of Love(3)

You Should  Know That The Law Of Attraction Is The Law Of Love Imagine that you have already become what you want to become, that you already have what you want to have and that you already do what you want to do. This way, you will feel a much

Law Of Attraction – The Power Of Love(2)

Things to know and apply with love – to change your life To use the force of Love in the sense you want (to manifest a desired reality or to change an unwanted reality), All you have to do is apply the Creative Process, which is always the same: imagine,

Law Of Attraction – The Power Of Love

Love is never weak, tender or delicate. It is the Positive Force of Life. Love is the cause of any positive or good reality. Things you should know and apply with love – that will change your life The positive force of love can create any beneficial reality, enhance the