Why is’t good to have a cat?

Scientists have explained the benefits to have a cat as a pet.


Cats are not just photogenic, their presence is beneficial for human health. Cats cure us!

1. Cats cure us

The cat’s spin facilitates wound healing. Scientists are still carefully examining the origins of this sound, but we all know that cats are torching (very often). This spin is incredibly beneficial for healing.

2. The spin of the cat has a therapeutic vibration

An ordinary cat spins at a frequency of 25-150 Hz. This frequency is not only good to help speed the healing of the bones and muscles of the cat, but also for people – according to numerous studies, the spin of a cat can heal fractures, heal muscles and even get rid of the acute respiratory whisper for the humans around.

have a cat

Cats can reduce the probability of heart attacks by up to 40%.

Scientists at the University of Minnesota have discovered that the presence of a cat in your home can be beneficial to your heart. In their studies, they found that people without a cat are 40% more likely to have a heart attack. Why? Here’s what they say – “The best explanation for this may be that cats can help you get rid of stress and anxiety, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

In addition, the cat feels the negative energies of the house, even the spirits, if you believe in it.

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