What Your Cat Will Do To Get Attention?

Does Your Cat Need Attention? What Your Cat Will Do To Get It!

Cat Need Attention

When a cat needs attention, she will remove all obstacles until she gets what she wants. And, although your cat has its own personality, it can exhibit a somewhat “sticky” behavior that resonates with all feline lovers, such as lying down on the back to be comforted on your belly or lightly touching your arm. .

And if that doesn’t work, she has a lot more tricks, like these six classic moves:

1. Meows

The main method of communicating of your cat is his meow, whose tones change depending on what she is trying to tell you. If you are at home and you are focused on something else and not on it, for example, it may start to sound mildly, but insistently, with a baby-like sound. Then she’ll get a loud scream that will make you run to her on the other room, only to find her sitting there with an innocent face: “Who, me?”

2. She stares at you

cat wants attention


Sometimes all she needs to do is look at you with his big, adorable eyes to get your attention. Without words, she says, “You will do what I say.” Although this is an annoying approach for you, you cannot ignore the intensity of her gaze. Suddenly you stopped doing what you were doing to pay full attention to the cat. What just happened …?


3. It sits on your laptop

Another commonly used but effective move is to sit on your laptop (or tablet, book, newspaper, magazine, plate, etc.). This is her persistent “torch” mode of telling you that it is the most important thing in your life. “Why look at this big metal square, when you can look at me?” Touché, honey. But you can reverse the situation by playing a game with squirrels or birds on your computer. She will quickly forget that you are not paying attention.

4. Waiting near your door


If you are in the “job” of owning a cat, you may think that you can simply close the door to the bedroom or office to have peace and quiet. But it’s not like that. Your cat will slap, scratch and knock on that door until it opens. And it will go on for hours, betting that your patience will cede before it. Some cats will run down the halls at very high speeds and will “throw” you into a closed door, so you shouldn’t close it. This will not only prevent the cat from getting hurt, but your door will also be scratched.

5. Throw things away from the furniture

If the remote control falls off the table and you aren’t around to see it, was it worth the effort? Your cat uses this infallible movement only when you are nearby; if you’re not close, it doesn’t matter. The smart cats will locate the item you hold most and slowly, but will deliberately push it to the edge of the table, bedside table or shelf, giving you enough time to run and catch the “family heirloom” before it falls. . If you are extremely captivated by what you do, it will, however, push the item by breaking it to the floor. Regardless, it caught your attention!

6. Crouch in your arms

cat needs attention

This classic move is a win for both sides, what could be more wonderful than a kitten squatting in your arms? She knows this and knows that you know that too, which is why the movement works every time. Be careful, however, when it suddenly turns into a disturbing way to make you pay more attention. She does not just want occasional hugs, and this is a very efficient and gentle maneuver that gives you that impression.

No matter what strategy your cat chooses, keep in mind that this behavior can take several hours, your cat needs attention, so give your cat what she wants: love and affection.

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