How To Choose Fishes For Your Aquarium?

How To Choose The Most Long-Lasting Fishes For Your Aquarium

How To Choose Fishes


Fishes have always attracted people’s attention. We all love to see these lovely, little creature, that make us smile, but we should know how to choose the fishes for the aquarium. For those who are at the beginning of the “career” of fish breeding in the aquarium, there are some suitable,  resistant species, that do not need much care. We have chosen three species that feel perfectly in cold water and three others that are excellent in warm water.

Cold water fish

Goldfish – are an excellent choice for those who have an aquarium with unheated water at room temperature. They do quite a mess when they eat, so you have to be careful to change about 10% of the water in the aquarium weekly. A great idea would be to treat the water with a solution which removes chlorine from the water.

Fishes For Your Aquarium

Tetra – In some aquariums, these fish live even ten years. They are active fish, always on the move, but who prefer to live in groups. It will be a real joy to see how organized the group movement is in the aquarium. If you have only one copy, it might be a bit embarrassing.

White cloud fish – This fish tolerate low temperatures, even very low temperatures. It moves especially on the surface of the aquarium water or in the middle area. He prefers to live in a group, so if you have 6 or more fish of this species they have every chance to be healthy and well disposed. Well taken care of, they can live even five years.

Warm water fish

Fishes For Aquarium

Danios – they are small and very active fish. He prefers to live in a group, near the surface of the water. Most have colorful horizontal stripes that will draw your attention when shaking to reach the surface of the water.

Black Molly – is a quiet fish, an excellent choice for those who want to have more fish species in the aquarium. One of the benefits of this fish is that it adapts in both fresh and salt water. If you get a pair, you might wake up with “babies”. However, they tend to eat their “babies”, if there is not enough vegetation in the aquarium where the small creatures can hide until they mature.


Black Tetra – is a fish that fits best with a pair or a larger group. They are big eaters, so they will eat almost any prepared food. Usually they swim in the middle of the aquarium and hate “confrontations”. If you take a black tetra, it is best to put in the aquarium plants or other ornaments behind which it can hide.

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