7 Strange And Amusing Behaviors Of Cats

7 Behaviors of cats, explained by specialists:


Most cat lovers have already learned the signals offered by their felines through certain behavioral patterns. Thus, they know when the cat is hungry, stressed or bored. But there are behaviors of cats that, for others, are shrouded in mystery. Sometimes we can observe strange and amusing behaviors of cats, that make us smile and love them more.

The American Business Insider has made a list of common behaviors manifested by cats, inviting experts to explain what felines want to convey by how they behave:

1. Why do cats sometimes bite and scratch the person caressing them?

According to feline expert Arden Moore, when a cat bites and scratches the person caressing it is actually trying to say “stop cuddling or I’ll hurt you even more.” The first signs that the cat doesn’t like the touch are the sudden movements of the tail, the shaking of the ears, the dilated pupils and the strained muscles, according to veterinarian John Bradshaw. It also states that cats like to be comforted on the head and that only one of two cats accepts to be touched on the belly or near the tail.

2. Why do cats deliberately remove objects on furniture?

If some cats are simply inattentive, most of the cats intentionally drop objects from the furniture in order to attract the attention of their owners. “Sometimes they do it for their own fun or because they feel like this is a game that their owner has started to like,” Bradshaw explains.

3. Why do cats look at their owners with their eyes fixed and then slowly blink?



Although cats are considered expert at hiding their emotions, they try to show affection to their owner in their own specific way: by the slow blink. The researchers call this proof of love: “cat kisses”. Next time you notice your cat doing this, try to imitate his behavior. Most of the time, you will notice that she continues to do the same.

4. Why do cats like computers?


Another way to get the master’s attention is the “attack” on the computer, either choosing to cross the keyboard or focusing on the screen. Other reasons cats are attracted to computers are: the heat emitted by the device, the way the keyboard buttons feel under the cat’s paws, or the fact that it feels intrigued by the monitor.


5. Why do cats have sudden and energetic reactions for no apparent reason?

Cats get frustrated because of inactivity, so often, they start running and move energetically to get rid of boredom. “From the slightest movement, to a line of dust swaying in the light, anything can stir them,” says Bradshaw.

6. Why do cats lick plastic bags or other objects?

Cats sometimes lick plastic bags or other objects from boredom and to relieve stress. In addition, according to Arden Moore, some cats who are weaned before long are looking for relief in fluffy clothing or blankets, to make up for the fact that they were deprived too early of their mother’s milk and condition.

7. Why do cats like boxes?



A study conducted at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University in the Netherlands showed that cats hide in boxes to reduce the stress they feel in the short term. They feel the need for protection, and a box seems the ideal place.

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