7 Bizarre Behaviors Of Cats

Bizarre Behaviors Of Cats

behaviors of cats


Funny, lighthearted and at times temperamental, cats are simply charming. Although they prefer discretion in most situations, cats surprise their owners from time to time, dropping household items or cramming into a box. But even if some cats behaviors may be difficult to understand, each one has a logical explanation.

1.Crunching the objects in the house

Many cat owners complain that their felines roam the household items: boxes of paper, plastic products, but also woolen objects. In some cases, this is a behavior that occurs if the cat is ignored or bored. In others, however, it may indicate a rare disease, called pica syndrome. Also, nutritional deficiencies can be the reason why cats chew the objects around them. If your pet has symptoms of itching, you need to take him to the vet.

2. Rub people

bizarre behaviors of cats


Cuddly and tactical, cats are used to rubbing furniture or people around them. Thus, when a cat sticks to you, making that push of your head, it does nothing but act instinctively, marking you with its odor. By releasing the pheromones from the head area, the cat is trying to tell you that you belong to her and that she is proud that you are her owner.

3. Bring you “gifts”

It is not pleasant to wake up with a mouse or some dead birds in front of the door, but for cats, the treasure brought to the owner is a proof of affection. Even after a “No, thank you,” they will continue to offer you such “gifts.” Besides, how can a cat know that people don’t eat rodents or dead cockroaches?

4. They sleep all day

behaviors of cat


As you know, cats sleep a lot, on average 15-18 hours a day. And if they do not sleep, they laze a lot to conserve their energy. Thus, they are assured that they will have sufficient strength to catch the prey. Also, these fluffy animals adapt their sleep schedule according to the times when their potential prey becomes active. Therefore, they wake up early in the morning and are active late at night.

5. Eat plants

Although they are not vegetarians, cats like to eat green plants. Once reached the stomach, the leaves of the plants stimulate the reflex of vomiting, which helps to eliminate the hemorrhage from the stomach or the remains of small bones that cannot be digested. Careful! Some room plants can be toxic to your pet, so avoid making them “available”.

6. Knead with the paws

strange behaviors of cats



Have you noticed that cats often knead with their paws as they spin intensely? Well, that means they are really happy and pleased with the place they found, they are going to settle there to take a nap. Usually, this kneading is accompanied by an intense spin


7. They hide in boxes

Cats love to stay in boxes because they always look for a place to hide. In addition, small cats like narrow places because they feel safe inside.


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