What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

What is mindfulness meditation and how can we practice it?

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation means a thorough awareness of everything that is happening with us at the moment, right now. In other words, deep experience of everything you live in today and now, without thinking about what you discussed a few minutes ago with the boss or the leave you will take in the summer. Although it may be considered that the meditation of this kind is dedicated only to those with a high level of consciousness, the truth is that anyone can practice it.

Mindfulness meditation can be practiced anywhere

The first barrier you have to overcome is this: I cannot meditate, I simply do not have time, I have no proper place or I don’t know where. Well, mindfulness meditation can be practiced anywhere, not just lying on a mattress or in a lotus position. In fact, it is even more intense to experience everything that happens to you and your own body when you are not in a very relaxed situation.

A good example is when you walk the street: be aware of every step you take, focus on the movement of the feet and arms, the movement of the eyes, the sensations felt by the body, if it is cold or hot, if you sweat, if you feel itching in the feet or feel pain from too much walking. You should not focus on external things, such as barking dogs or car horns, they should be somewhere in the background; however, you have to be careful about them, to be safe on the street.

The mindfulness meditation in which you focus on everything that happens to you can be practiced in the office, and when you drive the car, and when you brush your teeth, and when you lock the door, etc. Have you noticed that many of the moments in your life actually disappear from your mind?


This is because you do not pay enough attention to them. You wonder where you put your keys or your phone and you don’t remember, because at that moment, your mind was not with you, but you were thinking about who knows what.

Specialists in meditation recommend that we try to be aware of what we do as many times a day as we can. This does not imply a higher form of concentration, but on the contrary, relaxation. And this relaxation will help you see your own life in warmer colors. It will not only help you in relationships with others, but it will also improve your sleep,  lower your stress level, and make you less irritable.

The benefits of mindfulness meditation

When you fully live every moment, the past does not matter anymore, and the future does not exist. Why stress yourself by thinking of a moment in the past that you no longer have any influence over or about the future? The mindfulness meditation reduces the level of stress hormones, such as cortisol, by relaxing and helping you have a more fulfilling life.

The same mindfulness meditation teaches you to look at nature with other eyes. The whole environment becomes something new to you… Until yesterday you did not listen to the wind among the leaves or look at the night sky. Once you start practicing mindfulness meditation, you will see how you will be amazed by just about anything: the rays of the sun on your body when you go to the beach or your own breath when it is cold… continue reading…

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