What Is Mindfulness Meditation? (2)

Mindfulness meditation – relaxation and observation

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation does not mean control, but only observation of what is happening in the present moment. In order to practice mindfulness-type meditation correctly, you should not try to influence any particular process that is taking place in your body. For example, if you want to lie down and think about how to fall asleep, thinking that you are practicing meditation, you will only be able to stay awake longer. In the schematic, if you focus on what is happening at that moment with you, the position you are in, the frequency of your breathing, whether it is hot or cold, eventually you will fall asleep.

In a wonderful way, mindfulness meditation, which means relaxation and observation, can help you focus better. This is the perfect method for those who have to give tests, papers, who have to make presentations, etc. In a study by Fadel Zeidan, a neuro-researcher at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, a group of people who practiced mindfulness meditation for just 20 minutes a day for four days performed much better on timed tests, than a another group that did not practice meditation.

The researcher states that the group of meditators ignored the stopwatch and focused on what they had to solve. This is because they relaxed and were able to prioritize their tasks. Why focus on something you cannot influence, like the passing of time? You better try to solve the test that was given to you as best you can. Another study by the same neuro-researcher shows that the percentage of anxiety and stress decreases significantly (by 39%) for those who practice conscious mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation can also help you in self-respect

Have you ever wondered why some people are so lucky, while some seem to live in misery from birth to death? Are they so unlucky that nothing comes out of them? No, the truth is that they are simply not aware of their power. The moment you begin to interpret things in a positive way (and mindfulness meditation helps you a lot in this direction), your life changes.

Relationships with friends get better, your whole social life changes, your opinion about yourself becomes better, your risk of depression decreases and you start thinking about what is possible, not what is impossible, as Jeffrey Greeson, a psychologist at Duke University, says. Positive thinking has the potential to change your life. And it’s all about you.

Mindfulness meditation keeps you away from the disease!


In the end, it must be remembered that meditation not only improves your life, but also helps you to live longer. More and better, it’s almost a dream. But yes, you can. Daniel Muller, one of the doctors who participated in a study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison conducted with the help of two groups of people, some of whom meditated and some did not, has to say some very interesting things.

First, the group of meditators practiced meditation for eight weeks. The other group did not practice meditation at all. What was observed during the study? Those who meditated were less affected by common colds and severe infections, compared to the group that did not practice meditation. Naturally, they were all exposed to various viruses and bacteria in their workplaces or in the areas where they lived, as we all do.

The difference between those who meditated and those who did not meditate was given by their thinking and by the way they viewed the world and themselves. According to Dr. Daniel Muller, the homeostatic balance of the meditators was balanced, making them more resistant to disease. Moreover, even the DNA degrades more slowly as we practice meditation, according to research by the University of California, San Francisco.

So next time when you say, “I have no place to practice meditation, I do not know the steps, it is not for me”, consider all these benefits and do not forget: mindfulness meditation can be practiced anywhere and anytime, you just have to be careful what happens to you and your body, to observe without intervening. And your life will change.

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