What Does Time Mean?

What Does Time Mean For You?


We could take any book of philosophy and we would find many answers to this question, because time is one of the main concerns of philosophers of all time. But I do not want to know their opinion, but yours. The question is: what’s the time for you? What do you feel when you hear this word? What do you associate with it?

Do you have a sense of calm, fulfillment and relaxation? Feeling energized? Or on the contrary, do you feel great pressure, because time will never reach you? In other words, what is your relationship with time? It is a friend or a foe?

If you find it difficult to answer, you still have other helpful questions, which should bring to light the answer to the main question in the title.

What do I do with my time every day?

Do I use it for my long-term benefit, or just for the needs of time and fun?

Is Time running out for my benefit?

How long is my distraction consuming?

Do I spend enough time on things and people that make me really happy?

What Does Time Mean

I have a time of mine , in which I do nothing, except to be with myself?

To what extent do I use time to become, to live, to feel – not just to acquire and to achieve?

What effect does each hour of the day have on my life? Could I note the result obtained at the end of each hour as a step forward towards a more beautiful life?

Or at least the activity with which I chose to fill any of the hours brings me maximum satisfaction? Does it contribute to my accomplishment in one of the important plans of life: physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually?

“The problem is that you think you have time.”

The fulfillment is felt for the moment, but it is very important what we will feel at old age: how fulfilled our life has been. The main regrets of people on the deathbed are not about money, the fact that they have not accumulated enough, but about family and personal satisfaction. Their regrets are that they didn’t spend enough time with their loved ones, or that they didn’t spend enough time for themselves, to enjoy life, to live for a moment, to enjoy what they have.

Do I live in the present, past or future?

What Does Time Mean For You

I have always lived in the future more than at present, visualizing my goals achieved and focusing more on what will be, than what I live now. There are always important events from the past that I vaguely remember, details that I forgot, because when they happened I was not present one hundred percent in my life. It unfolded with my physical presence, and my mind was in the future. Unfortunately, I forget to enjoy life, nature, myself, to relax more and more often, to let myself be conquered by the possibilities of the present instead of just hunting the chances of the future. We have only one life and time is limited. We must use it for our happiness.

When living too much in the future, we are not paying attention to the events we go through, to people and especially to opportunities. We become frustrated by the fact that the life we ‚Äč‚Äčlong for is not shown. While waiting for a bright future, we miss the greatest chance of building that future, because we do not see them. We don’t have time to see them. We are busy designing the future. We rush to it because it will be better, but we miss the moment. Where do we rush?

Time is running

If instead we live longer in the past and nourish ourselves with memories, we do not see anything from this present, we seem to be oblivious to what was once, an era of past glory, a lost love, or people and relationships that are not there any more. Do I want to live in a dead time, or give myself a chance of life and new possibilities?

The people who live today are the happiest and most fulfilled. They know that living in the present can heal the past and that the future has its roots today. More precisely, in what I do today with the time.

What time do you live? And to what extent does time serve your purposes and values?

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