To Live In Love Or To Live In Fear?

Our fears are difficult to block because they are arranged in successive layers

Easy enough to fail and lose your temper. Nothing is as it should be anymore. We need heroes and heroines to bring Hope to our hearts. We need ethics everywhere, and to wake up from the so-called “dead sleep” which is fear.


It is often easier to give up than to take the risk of being rejected. In fact, our fears are difficult to block because they are arranged in successive layers. We must “peel” them one by one in order to attain the fundamental fear that sustains them all. It is generally about the fear of death.

Suppose we are extremely restless because of a professional project. “Peel off” this anguish and, below, you will find the fear of doing wrong. Below you will discover other layers: the fear of not getting the expected increase, of losing the job and, after all, of not surviving, which is essentially the fear of death and which raises many worries about work and money.

Lets now examine the fear of inviting someone to come out. This fear is sustained by the fear of rejection, itself supported by the fear of being alone in life. At an even lower level, there is the fixed idea of ​​being repulsive. Without love, how could we survive? In these kinds of situations, the fundamental anxiety is that of not being at the height. Why do some stay away from evenings? Because they think their person is not interested in anyone. The others are charming, beautiful, gentle, but not her.

In reality, all this is but an expression of the fear of death, of which we can say that it is largely responsible for our unhappiness. Without realizing it, our fear affects our loved ones. Because of it, we are left behind in our personal and professional life. As any anxiety is rooted in the fear of death, it is necessary to learn to free ourselves from it in order to be able to face them more easily.

If you could eliminate all your fears with a touch of the magic wand, what would this change for you?

Think. If nothing were to oppose your dreams, your existence would probably be very different. This is exactly what the dying people discovered. Approaching death faces our greatest anxieties.

They help us to understand that a different life is possible and, therefore, that our fears no longer have reason to be.

Unfortunately, when I become aware of this, most people are too sick or old to start a new life. They sink into illness and old age without ever having been able to live their secret passions, without finding a job that suits them, and without having realized their dreams. Those who were able to materialize them will not escape either age or disease, but at least they will not be overwhelmed by regret. Nobody wants to leave without having taken advantage of his life. In these conditions, the lesson is clear: we must overcome our fears as we still have time to realize our dreams.

To achieve this goal, we should reflect deeply on our sentimental life, and go to love.


Happiness, anguish, joy, bitterness: we have a broad vocabulary to describe the many emotions that affect us throughout our lives. However, in the heart of our being, there are only two fundamental feelings: love and fear. Everything that is positive comes from love, while everything that is negative is the fruit of fear. Love generates happiness, satisfaction, peace and joy. Out of fear come anger, hatred, anguish and guilt.

If it is true that there are only two fundamental emotions – love and fear – it would be more appropriate to say that there is only love or fear, because we cannot live both at the same time. They are opposite. When we are afraid, we cannot love, and vice versa. Can you remember a time when you were experiencing these two sensations at the same time? It’s impossible.

We have to choose between the two, because there is no possible neutrality in the matter. If you do not adopt the path of love, you will be the victim of fear or one of its components. In all circumstances we have to choose between these two emotions, especially in difficult situations.

Preferring love does not rid you of your fears. On the contrary, you will be subject to many fears, so that you can overcome them. It is a process in perpetual evolution. So we must continually engage in the path of love to nourish our spirit and eliminate anxiety, just as we eat to nourish our bodies and release our hunger.

Artificial fears concern either the past or the future. The present is the only reality, and love the only true emotion that is expressed here and now. Fear is always based on a past event and causes new fears about the future. In these conditions, to live in the present, means to live in love, and not in anxiety. Living in love is therefore our goal. To reach it, we must learn to love ourselves. “

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