The Truth About The Strong And The Weak: Fear The Last One!

The Strong And The Weak …


They will be the ones who will make you run desperately through this world, until you fall to the ground, tired of power, asking yourself: but who will help me?

Why is this universe divided into the weak and the strong? Of course, this is not about physiology now, but about will! Why do some cry out for their support, asking for help and support, while others grit their teeth and go ahead without asking for something in return for their “heroism”?

When I am told that people are weak or strong at birth, I refuse to believe it. As I refuse to believe in the fact that people are born with the ability to read and write.

When people try to convince me that the weak will retain their soul vulnerability, even in the most extreme situations, and the powerful will never need the support that the weak receive, I can escape this universe as quickly as possible cruel.

Being weak is not a disease. Being strong is not an obligation. Weakness and power are both choices.


They are a product of all the factors and conditions that in symbiosis have caused a certain person to adopt a certain attitude. They are just a psychological program that defines our later way of living.

Weak people are incapable of taking care of their own existential condition, they are the people who can afford to have a person who is ready to take responsibility for two souls. And that’s wonderful, as long as it’s a voluntary decision.

I can say more than that. There are no weak people in fact. There are people who are comfortable with being weak.

While the powerful have to suffer more. Because they usually do not have a so-called choice. They are faced with circumstances that they must resist. So they have to be strong. Another exit from the situation simply does not exist.

Take care of each other, you strong people! Please. Because you don’t have too many people to be with you. And because your power is usually your weakest point!

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