Our DNA Can Be Influenced By Words!

DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed

DNA can be influenced

Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf show that DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed through words and certain frequencies. These discoveries pave the way for a new type of medicine in which DNA can be reprogrammed using words and certain frequencies, so without breaking it down and replacing certain genes. Genetic surgery has a strong competitor!

The latest Russian research explains phenomena such as intuition, clairvoyance, spontaneous miraculous healing, self-healing, the influence of the mind on the climate, etc, in a very interesting way.

Only 10% of human DNA is used to make proteins. Only this small part is the subject of researches, already known and popularized. The rest of 90% is considered “ballast material”, that is without importance. However, Russian researchers, convinced that nature is not at all wasteful, have joined some geneticists determined to discover the true role of most of the human DNA. The results and conclusions of these researches are revolutionary!

DNA can be influenced by words – words that heal

According to them, human DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body, but also serves as a storehouse of information and a way of communication. It means a kind of Internet. The Russian researchers and linguists have found that the entire genetic code, especially the 90% declared useless before, follows the same rules used in all human languages.

DNA can be influenced

Thus, they compared the syntactic rules (the way words form sentences), semantics (the study of meanings in a certain language) and the basic grammatical ones. They found that the alkaline molecules in DNA are in conformity with the common grammatical rules used in all human languages. In other words, human languages did not appear “by chance”, but are the result of DNA.

Russian biophysicist and biologist Piotr Gariaev and his colleagues have also explored the vibrational behavior of DNA, ie the effect of certain frequencies on it. The conclusion is staggering: living chromosomes function exactly as holographic computers using endogenously generated laser radiation even inside DNA!

In other words, they managed to modulate certain vibrational patterns on a laser beam with which they influenced DNA and genetic information. And since the structure of DNA is the same as that of human language, words and phrases can be used directly to influence DNA, without the need for any decoding.

This has been proven experimentally! Live DNA (from tissues, not “in vitro”) reacts promptly to laser beams modulated by words and sentences, but even to radio waves, if appropriate frequencies are used. In this way it is scientifically explained why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and positive thinking can have such powerful effects on man.

It is therefore normal and natural for DNA to react to language. While previous researchers “surgically” extract certain genes from the DNA chain and introduce them elsewhere for experimentation, the Russians have enthusiastically worked on devices that allow them to influence cellular metabolism by appropriate radio and light frequencies and thus repair certain genetic defects.

Gariaev’s research group managed to demonstrate that using this method, X-ray chromosomes can be repaired. Moreover, they “captured” informational patterns from one DNA and passed it on to another, in this way -programming the cells for another genome.

In this way, they transformed frog embryos into salamander embryos, only by transmitting the appropriate informational model!

DNA can be influenced by words

As a result, all the information was transmitted without any side effect of the type of those encountered before. This is one of the biggest breakthroughs in medical science, which will surely lead to amazing transformations! The spectacular results were obtained only by using vibrations and language instead of techniques of molecular surgery. These experiments show the immense potential of vibrations on genetics, which obviously have a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences in DNA (only 10% of the total).

Spiritual and esoteric teachers have known for thousands of years that this human body is programmable through language, feelings and thought. Now this has been scientifically demonstrated and explained. Of course, the frequency used must be the appropriate one. And that’s why not everyone is always successful, or is not getting the same results.

Man must “work” on the inner processes and attain a certain spiritual maturity in order to establish a direct and conscious communication with the DNA. Russian researchers are working on a device that will ensure success provided the correct frequency is used. But a man with a high spiritual consciousness does not need any device! Keep reading…

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inspired from Cristian Vasilescu

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