Our DNA Can Be Influenced By Words! (3)

Group Consciousness

DNA Can Be Influenced

Continuing to prove that DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed…

… are known as “indigo children” because of their aura of this color which indicates a high consciousness and exemplary purity.

At the same time, more and more children are born with clairvoyance powers (according to Paul Dong’s book “Indigo Children in China”). These children teach us, the adults, which means higher group consciousness, through personal example. For example, the climate cannot be influenced by a single man, as a rule. But it can be influenced by a group consciousness – nothing new for some tribes that bring rain through their dances.

The weather is strongly influenced by the Earth’s own resonant frequencies, the so-called Schumann frequencies. But these are exactly the same frequencies that are produced in our brain, and when more people act in synchronicity, in unison, an effect similar to laser light – that of manifestation “in the same phase” – forms. This explains in scientific terms how the weather can be influence!

The researchers of group consciousness  formulated the theory of “Type I Civilization”.

A humanity that has passed into the stage of higher group consciousness would have neither environmental problems nor lack of energy. Because it would have a normal and natural control over all energies and processes throughout the planet. This also includes a check on possible disasters!

And a “Type II Civilization” could have control over the energies of the entire galaxy.

Higher group consciousness creates order

DNA Can Be Influenced by thoughts

And now, a real “bomb”: when a large number of people focus on one and the same purpose (for example, a football match,or other similar event), it has been experimentally demonstrated that random number generators start to give ordered numbers instead of random numbers. And this is another example on how DNA can be influenced by thoughts.

In other words, a higher (ordered) group consciousness creates orders throughout the environment! Experiments in the university environment have shown that the physical world and the mental world are connected and interdependent!

As a prove that DNA can be influenced, DNA is now regarded as an organic superconductor operating at normal body temperature, unlike artificial superconductors that require very low temperatures, between -200 and -400 degrees Celsius. All superconductors are capable of storing light, and thus, information. And in this way you can explain how DNA can store and transmit information so well.

As for the so-called “wormholes”, they are normally very unstable and disappear within a fraction of a second. Under certain conditions, such “wormholes” can be organized by themselves forming vacuum zones where, for example, gravity can be transformed into electricity. Such vacuum zones are like radiant ionized gas balls that have immense energy.

There are certain areas in Russia where such radiant balls occur very often. The Russians started massive research programs that led to some startling conclusions. Many people know these vacuum areas as glowing balls that appear in the sky. I look closely at them and wonder what they might be.

I once thought, “Hi! If you are UFOs, fly in the triangle. ” And suddenly the spheres formed a triangle. On another occasion, I told them to accelerate from zero to infinite speed, and they did. Obviously, I thought they were UFOs. Friendly, since they did what I asked them to do, to please me.

Now, the Russians have found in those areas where the light spheres appear, that these balls can be guided by thought. Because very low frequencies were detected around these spheres, frequencies similar to those produced by our brain. Because of this similarity, the spheres react to our thoughts! And this is, again, a reference to the fact that DNA can be influenced.


I must warn you that it is not a good idea to jump on one of these balls that is sitting on the ground. Because the energy it holds is so high that it could cause us genetic mutations Or it might not. Because, for example, it is known that many spiritual teachers produce such visible spheres of energy when they are in deep states of meditation, thus triggering pleasant and uplifting spiritual states.

It is already famous for the case of a spiritual teacher who is meditating on his chair, and when someone wanted to photograph him, in the picture he saw only a bright white cloud, like a fog. Simply, this kind of phenomena must be related to gravity and anti-gravity, to those “wormholes” that are stabilized by thought, and to hyper-communication, that is, a connection with energies outside our usual spatio-temporal structure. . Previous generations, who had such contact experiences through hyper-communication and light spheres, called them experiences with angels. Although many of these interactions are believed to have been merely transfers of spiritual energy from those spheres to man, this does not mean that there are no angels!

Official science already knows areas of this planet with gravitational anomaly (which contributes to the formation of such luminous vacuum spheres). So far the gravitational deviation was below 1% of the total field value. Recently, other areas have been discovered that have a gravitational anomaly of 3 – 4%. One of these places is Rocca di Papa, south of Rome (for exact location, see the book “Vernetzte Intelligenz”). There, various objects of various shapes, from spheres to buses (yes, it’s not a typo), rise to the sky.

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inspired from Cristian Vasilescu

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