Our DNA Can Be Influenced By Words! (2)

DNA can be influenced by thoughts – Each makes its own inner revolution


It does not depend on any device to reprogram the DNA. Each one of us can achieve these, and science confirms! DNA can be influenced by our own thoughts. Russian researchers have discovered that human DNA creates morphological patterns in vacuo, and produces so-called magnetic “wormholes”. These are the microscopic equivalents of the famous “bridges” Einstein-Rosen, that are near the cosmic black holes and that connect between two very distant pits, a kind of shortening.

These are like tunnels with their heads in various areas of the cosmos through which information can be transmitted outside the laws of space and time. DNA attracts such information from the macrocosm and transmits it to our consciousness. It is like a multiple resonator, like a radio capable of receiving several different channels, depending on the frequency they emit.

This hyper-communication process is extremely effective, and DNA can be influenced for real in a state of deep relaxation. Stress, worries or a hyperactive mind obstruct this process and the information received is distorted and useless. Nature has been using this kind of hyper-communication for millions of years. Modern man knows only a small part under the name of intuition.

An example from nature: within an ant moss: if the queen is spatially separated from the colony, the ants continue to build the moss according to the initial plan. But if the queen is killed, the entire activity in the colony stops. No ant knows what else to do. It seems that the queen transmits to the ants what and how to do, through group consciousness, and the ants listen to her blindly, as if they had no consciousness of their own.

A man experiences this kind of hyper-communication when he has an intuition or inspiration. For several decades, a 42-year-old man dreamed that he was connected to a CD-ROM information system. In this way, verifiable knowledge, from very different fields, was transmitted to him, and he verifies them in the morning. A real information cascade – like an encyclopedia! The vast majority of them were from outside his personal sphere of knowledge and they touched on technical details that he knew nothing about.

The ghost DNA effect

DNA can be influenced by thoughts

This kind of hyper-communication generates spectacular effects, both in DNA and in the human being. Russian researchers irradiated a DNA sample with laser light, and the expected wave pattern appeared on the screen. When they removed the DNA sample, the waveform did not disappear, but continued to exist! Several experiments of this kind have shown that the wave form is however generated by the distant sample, whose energy field remains. This effect was called the “ghost DNA” effect.

Microscopic “wormholes”

It is claimed that energy from outside space and time continues to “flow” through the “wormholes” activated, even after the DNA is removed from the experiment. The observed side effect is that around human beings capable of hyper-communication, such unexplained electromagnetic fields were detected.

Electronic devices such as CD players or the like may cease to operate for several hours. As the electromagnetic field begins to disappear, these devices return to normal operation. Many healers and therapists have known these effects for a long time. The more charged the atmosphere and the higher the energy, the greater the chances of the recording device turning off. And the buttoning of the device will only put it back into operation just after a few hours, after the energy has disappeared.

In their book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” (Connected Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explain these phenomena very clearly and precisely. They cite sources who assert that in the past, humanity was connected very closely, as well as other forms of life, to group consciousness and use to act as a group. So, in order to experience the individual mode of consciousness, people had to forget about hyper-communication, almost entirely.

Higher group consciousness

At the moment, at the level of humanity, the individual consciousness is relatively stable, and a new form of group consciousness, truly superior, can be created, in which we can have access to all the information through the biological resonator present in each cell of our body – the DNA – without being forced or remotely manipulated in terms of the information itself. As in the Internet, our DNA can be influenced and can transmit its own information in this vast network that is LIVING, it can receive information from this network and it can even establish direct contacts with other participants in the network.

DNA can be influenced by vibration

Miraculous healing from a distance, telepathy, clairvoyance, can thus be easily and naturally explained. For example, some pets know in advance when their owners will return home. This can be interpreted from the perspective of hyper-communication and group consciousness. Any collective consciousness cannot be used endlessly without an individual consciousness. Otherwise, we return to a primitive state, where the herd instinct could be extremely easy to manipulate.

Hyper communication, at this time, means something completely different: the researchers say that if people (who have an individual consciousness) will regain access to group consciousness, then they will have superhuman creative powers with which they will be able to shape the entire life on the planet. It is certain that humanity is obviously heading towards such higher group consciousness. It is estimated that 50% of children born now will have major problems at school. They are known as “indigo children” because of their aura of this color which indicates a high consciousness and exemplary purity. Continue reading…

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inspired from Cristian Vasilescu

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