Law Of Attraction – The Power Of Love(4)

Know That The Law Of Attraction Is The Law Of Love

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  • Whenever you think about what you do not like (doubling your thoughts with negative emotions), the life force of your cells decreases! Whenever you think of love for something – it may be a simple sunny day, a new home, a promotion or a friend – your body is overflowing with vitality.
  • Gratitude is the great natural multiplier. That is why you should thanks daily for the health you enjoy.
    Say a sincere thank you for all the aspects of your body that you like and ignore the aspects you don’t like about it.
  • If you want to improve your health, make sure that your thoughts of love for your health exceed 51% of your total thoughts. Passing this percentage threshold is equivalent to moving from illness to health.
  • If you have a disease, do everything in your power not to assume it through your thoughts and feelings. Think always about health in general, your own health in particular, and assume this condition.
  • Think with love at an ideal weight, at a perfect body, at the perfect health of your organs. Imagine that you already have these things and feel grateful for that.
  • If you are convinced that the body will deteriorate with age, you issue this belief, and the Law of Attraction creates the circumstances that confirm it.

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  • Feel YOUNG. Keep trying to feel your real age.
  • Cultivate love and gratitude, and your body will transform as you wish.
  • Everything that exists has a vibration frequency. Absolutely everything! Your feelings attract in your personal life, circumstances and events on the same vibration frequency with them.
  • Life answers you: it communicates with you. Everything you see – every sign, every color, every person and every object – everything you hear, all the circumstances and events in your life have exactly the same frequency as you.
  • When you feel happier for a longer time, you attract only happy people, circumstances and events into your life.
    There are no accidents and coincidences in life; there are only synchronicity, due to the vibration resonance phenomenon. This is the physics of life and the Universe.
  • Think of something you love and turn it into a symbol of love. Whenever you see this symbol, you realize that the force of love is with you.
  • Let yourself be guided by the force of love wherever you go and whatever you do. Imagine that in the next day everything will go well in your life and emanate as much love. Do this whenever you have something to do.
  • Ask yourself as many questions daily. The Law of Attraction will make sure you get the answers to them.
  • Let yourself be helped by the force of love in all your endeavors. Love can become your personal assistant, financial adviser, doctor and relational counselor.
  • If you let your mind be concerned about too many details you will be distracted by them and you will lose sight of the overall image. Simplify your life as much as possible and no longer attach the importance to the small details. After all, what matters?

The force of love and the law of attraction have no opposite. In life there is no other power than love. All the negative aspects of this world are based on the absence of love.

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Inspired from Rhonda Byrne’s “POWER”

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