Law Of Attraction – The Power Of Love(2)

Things to know and apply with love – to change your life

law of attraction

  • To use the force of Love in the sense you want (to manifest a desired reality or to change an unwanted reality), All you have to do is apply the Creative Process, which is always the same: imagine, feel, be on reception.
  • Your imagination puts you in touch with the reality you want. Your childhood and your feelings of love create a magnetic field that attracts the desired reality to you.
  • Imagine that your desire has already been fulfilled. Feel love for the reality you imagine.
  • Any desire you can imagine already exists! It doesn’t matter what it is. If you can imagine that reality, it already exists in creation!
  • In your conversations and in your mind, you use the phrase “Imagine what it would be like if you used to…” Then fill in the empty space with what you want.
  • Stimulate your imagination as much as you can. Surround yourself with different images, photos and relevant objects that help you to imagine yourself more easily and to feel what you want.

law of attraction-love power

  • All people are surrounded by a magnetic field. It accompanies them wherever they go.
  • All the events and circumstances you go through are drawn into your life by this magnetic field. It is positive or negative depending on your feelings.
  • Whenever you offer love through your emotions, words or actions, you amplify the vibration of love in your magnetic field (in your aura).
  • The more your magnetic field is impregnated with more love, the greater your power to attract the things you want.
  • Do not try to turn a negative feeling into a positive one (or a negative situation into a positive one). Give yourself the love of the things you want and thus create the desired reality, which will automatically replace the unwanted one!
  • Spend a few minutes daily imagining yourself and feeling that you have everything you want. Do this until you feel like you have become one with the desired reality, identifying with it as you identify with your name.
  • In life there is only one positive force, and this force is love. There are only two possibilities: either you feel good because you are full of love, or you feel bad because you lack love. All your feelings are gradations of love.
  • Change what you offer, and life will change what you receive. This law is immutable and has no exceptions. Its name is the Law of Attraction. It is also known as the Law of Love.

law of attraction power

  • Life presents different circumstances for you to choose the ones you like!
  • Turn your back on things you do not like and do not load them with your feelings. Instead, say yes to the things you enjoy.
  • The Law of Attraction responds to your feelings! For the law of attraction it only matters what you offer. The law of attraction is the law of YOU.
  • Whenever you judge, accuse or criticize someone, you judge, accuse and practically criticize yourself. Conversely, whenever you love or appreciate something or someone, you love yourself and appreciate yourself.
  • Your world is created by your beliefs, whether they are good or bad.
  • The story you tell becomes your own life, whether it’s a beautiful or an ugly story. That’s why you begin to tell the story of a wonderful life, and the Law of Attraction will turn it into reality.
  • The one who sets all the money in the world is the force of attraction of Love. Anyone who offers love by feeling good becomes a magnet for attracting money.
  • It is easy to tell what you feel about the subject of money: if you do not have all the things you need and want, it means that your feelings towards money are negative.

law of attraction- mind

  • Love is not only the force that draws money from your life, but also the one that helps you not to waste it.
  • When you pay your bills, find a way (any) to feel good. Imagine that your invoices are actually checks that you receive, or apply the law of gratitude and thank the company that sent you the invoice for its services.
  • Whenever you receive a sum of money, no matter how small it may be, show your gratitude! Remember: gratitude is the largest multiplier in the world.
  • If you are able to feel good when it comes to success, regardless of the person it refers to, you automatically attract success in your life.
  • It always offers a value at least equal to that of the money you receive in the form of salary or profit. If you offer even greater value than the money you receive, your business and career will flourish.
  • Money is just a tool that allows you to experience all the things you love. The force of attraction of love knows countless ways in which it can offer you what you want. Money is only one of these… continue reading

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Inspired from Rhonda Byrne’s “POWER”

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