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How to manifest your desires

how to manifest

Esther Hicks, Abraham’s voice, teaches us how to manifest, to materialize our desires. If we manage to keep our thoughts clean, without pessimism, without negativity for a minute and a few seconds, it might not manifest and materialize instantly, but the energy we fell, the confidence and the positive ideas we receive from the universe, in relation to that desire, would be so important, that it would be impossible for us not to fulfill the original desire.

“When you find the thought of something you want and keep it pure, without any contradictory thought but only with visualization, simulation, the memory of something similar, for only 17 seconds, another thought of the same vibrational equivalent joins him due to the Law of Attraction. And when the two thoughts come together, an energy explosion occurs, an energy expansion equivalent to nearly 2,000 hours of action. Huge! After another 17 seconds of pure thought, the energy expression is 10 times higher (20,000 hours of action) and after the next 17 seconds again 10 times. So 68 seconds of pure desire have enormous consequences for action. ”

If we can keep our focus on one thought, for 17 seconds, without contradicting it with another thought, next to our initial thought another though of exactly the same shape, size, tone, vibration will join due to the Law of attraction. And at exactly 17 seconds these two identical thoughts will join and combine, and the energy expenditure of their combustion point manifests itself in us in the form of enthusiasm, or interest. At that moment, which lasted 17 seconds, these two thoughts that were two thoughts of the same kind became one, bigger, more evolved, and with a faster and more energetic vibration and you start to manifest.

If we can stay focused on the same subject for another 17 seconds, when we make the switch to second no.34, we have twice 17, and our thinking will again attract a similar thought, or we can say that two thoughts that they resemble each other.

Just as your thought attracts another, and another may attract your thought, because thoughts that have a similar nature tend to attract each other, they seek to be together. And at the point where the 34 seconds limit was reached, these two thoughts that evolved together are combined into one, and another combustion point appears. At that moment, these two thoughts become one again, and their vibration increases and intensifies.

If we can continue to keep in our attention this thought, evolved and increased, up to the limit of 51 seconds, which is three times 17, will produce a new combination and another combustion point. The same thing happens within the limit of 68 seconds, and then the thought is large enough to have an effect on the physical manifestation.

We can make some physical comparisons: 17 seconds of pure thought, are equivalent to 2000 hours of action. If we have a job in which we work 40 hours a week, those hours are the ones we work in a whole year. 17 seconds of concentrated thinking equals 2000 hours of action. If we cross the 34-second limit, we can multiply our action by 10, so we have 20,000 hours of action. If we can exceed the limit of 51 seconds, three times 17, we can multiply again by 10, and the result is the equivalent of 200,000 hours of action. If we manage to reach the limit of 68 seconds – that is only a minute of pure thinking, without contradiction, undiluted, we get the equivalent of two million hours of action.

As an illustration, one can imagine how a family buys land where there are some blocks that have been demolished, a huge pile of concrete, steel and glass. For two days, various cars, trucks and teams of builders carried the garbage heap from the place, leaving it clean for the new owners. The new owners, who had demolished their former property by working with the stewardess and the maid, thought that it would take a lifetime for them to clean the place with the maid and steward. This is a classic example. When you align your energy with the creative energies of worlds and civilizations, then you are no longer at odds with your creative center, with your ESSENCE, and things that can be considered by the field of miracle happen.


To manifest your your desire, you need 17 seconds. 17 seconds does not seem to be a lot, but if we look closely, we see how, in general, we begin at the 8th second to emit opposite vibrations. Most people fail to finish a thought, a desire, without creating – very early, vibrations contrary to the initial desire.

There are people who say, “I want more money, I have tired, so much effort.” or “I want to get well, this disease scares me.”
But it was imprinted in our character to be so objective, most of us hit one leg with the other one. It’s kind of like saying, “I want a cup of hot tea”, and we put the tea to a boil, but before it starts to boil we put off the fire and start with something else, and then we turn it on again, and we turn it on again; we extinguish it even when it was ready to warm up, and so on, until we get to say something like: “I have been trying to drink a cup of hot tea for 15 years, and I can’t.”

At that point, the solution is – of course – to leave the kettle on fire for a longer time, until it really manages to boil. If we can resist the temptation of self-sabotage, the reaction to go in the opposite direction before our goal is achieved, then we can really get a change of reality.

The reason why it is so easy to leave our mind so quickly to the opposite thought, is because we were educated to be objective, to carefully weigh the pros and cons in all circumstances. We were told that something is right and good. And it is. But as with anything, taking this action to the extreme again is not good, because the contrasts themselves can stimulate you in the end to obtain a greater clarity of desire, and this is the reason why the present physical format is as it is.

If  you really want to manifest, you should take into consideration all the aspects. Contrast is essential for decision making, but once a decision has been made, once you focus your attention on your decision and strive to get the same thought for the vibration of your thinking, the Universe will align so as to give you the chance and the help to get what you want. This is the rule of Low of Attraction, this is how you manifest your desire.

For people who are accustomed to thinking sporadically, only letting various thoughts pass through their minds like a flash, this concept may seem difficult to accept or understand. It is much easier to watch life on TV, to observe, to receive what is offered to you, than to give you your own projection, your own thoughts.

How to manifest – steps

For example, we have a person who has three main problems – one – a financial problem, the second – a health problem, and a third – a sentimental problem.

The first step is to advise the person to give up thinking about these three issues, because she has already focused too much on these issues, but on the wrong way. She may, for the start, take other new topics, to which she has not created a wrong thinking pattern. It is difficult for her to get out of the wrong pattern and the problems that have become obsession, and then we advise her to think of something new, for example … blue glass. She certainly doesn’t understand why we should talk about blue glass, but we insist: let’s talk about blue glass. It can be matte glass, transparent glass, glass with drawings or inlays, glass used on stained glass, glass from the Tiffany museum, whatever. It can be made of vases of flowers, chandeliers, glasses. Then we talk about the feather of the birds, then about the butterflies, all the same, keeping the focus on each subject for 17 seconds.


Then the person leaves home, gets in the car, and meets some friends, who take her to a restaurant, and then go shopping together. She notes with surprise that the store where she happened to enter, have a gorgeous collection of blue glass, shelves full of blue glass trinkets. Nobody bought anything, but everyone felt great admiring the respective collections, of blue glass – simply Extraordinary!

Next, everyone goes to the park, and notices that the park is full of butterflies, which fly among flowers and trees. That woman, let’s say Esther, still does not correlate with the discussion about the creation of reality, but finds that she feels good, very relaxed. After about 15 minutes, a little boy, about three or four years old, runs away, holding in his hand some pigeon feathers, which he gathered from the ground, and stretching out his hand, he offers them a laugh to Esther. Only then did Esther “catch” that in less than an hour she lived all three topics on which she focused her mind for 17 seconds, because the Universe acted dramatically to ensure the fulfillment of her thought. Keep reading….

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