How To Manifest! Law Of Attraction – Materialization (2)

How to manifest your desires – the way of thinking

how to manifest

Of course, anyone can play and see how this game can be improved. A very good method is when the game is played in three, because in two there is a greater chance of forgetting – as Esther did – certain details that we focused on during the day, or of not observing HOW thoughts and our desires take shape before our eyes.

If possible, it is advisable to start the game by taking minor interest topics, pure, simple topics, on which we have no contradictory ideas, and we will see how within two to three days, the Universe will always respond by providing support vibrations and our desires will manifest.

The reason why many do not realize how the universe¬† responds to our vibrations, is because they say something like: “I want a new car, a red one, but it’s too expensive”, and how the universe responds absolutely to any vibration, the thought who doubts somewhere what he wants will neutralize that desire itself.

So, if we offer pure vibrations, and watch carefully how the Universe responds to them, we can, after two or three days of playing with light subjects, move on to subjects that we consider difficult. At the same time, in our life there will be some very special changes.

First of all, we will get used to staying focused on a subject for 17 seconds. Who can do it for 17 seconds, can learn to do it again, two, three or more periods of 17 seconds. Secondly, by doing this we will give the Universe the chance to respond to our vibrations, and the proof that we are not at all broken by creative energies, but that we are ourselves creative beings, as is the particle of light in relation to the wave of light.

In this way we can observe that each of us is in reality as an energy that emits, and to which it responds accordingly. This is the simple rule of law of attraction, this is how you manifest. We can see how, little by little, from small to large, each of us learns at Earth school to deliberately and responsibly materialize.

That’s why everyone is here to manifest. Each is a creator in the sense that each is an energy focuser. He who cannot keep his focus on a thought cannot manifest and create. We are not only observers who passively receive, but we are the ones who direct the energy with the power of our mind towards the purpose we conceive ourselves. As we focus on energy, we KEEP thinking and grow it up to physical manifestation.


So it is very important for everyone to know exactly what they are doing; the term “awareness” refers to this, but there are a few details. First of all, how does anyone realize that he has kept his mind pure for a certain period, and how does he realize if he has even kept it? This is how “sensitivity” serves, the sensitivity to one’s sensations, because sensitivity is the indicator that tells you about the fluctuations in your vibration. The emotional guidance system is the one that tells you without fail, without a doubt, if you are on the right path, or on the wrong path, and also through the emotional system you know exactly what stage you are in.

How to materialize – experiments

Let’s imagine a fan, a large fan, the room, with blades that are strongly reversed. The fan is aimed at us. We do not pay particular attention to the noise it makes, nor do we care about the air that is coming toward us from its direction. It’s as if it is somehow non-existent, although we know it’s there to do us a service. But if we put a pencil in it while it spins, we can cause serious system problems ourselves. Destructive emotions act like that pencil, and they are the result of a destructive action, which is the result of a destructive thought or desire.

When we have a desire, when we have thought of something and we have come to want something, the moment we introduce the idea “cannot”, then the idea “cannot” engages in turn the rapid frequency of the desire / idea, and the disappointment that results from the idea that “it can’t” works just like the pencil in the fan. This is because we have introduced a lower, slower vibration in a faster, higher one.

You can see that there are people with whom you feel good when you talk. The more you stay with that person, the better you feel, and you think: this man is a good friend, a true friend. Along with friends, you can discuss all kinds of things without fear of ridicule or aggression or wickedness, you can play and do all kinds of crazy and funny things, you can even talk if you have nothing to say. And whatever you do, it’s OK, because you just feel good about those people. It is harder to find someone like this between adults, but children and adolescents have such friends and feel such joy in the ordinary life.

This sense of kindness and friendship is what is required to be able to easily maintain a thought for 17 seconds, and even maintaining the thought of such a friendship can ensure you attract such a group of friends into your life, as well as combustion to provide the necessary enthusiasm.

As we can do such a thing deliberately, we can see how the Universe responds to us and how we become beings aligned with the Creative Force.

Maybe you will think something like this: “I will go into this sea of contrasts, and by observing a contrast here, a contrast there, I will easily be able to reach a conclusion.” Once we reach a conclusion, all we have to do is keep this vibration in mind, until we get enough force to manifest the vibration of our idea, which the Universe will do its best to manifest for our sake.

to manifest

So in this sense, every human being can manifest in this world, and the development of our mental capacity is a desirable thing, taking care to always use as a monitor, the emotional body.

“I found this by living my life as a miracle. I take great care thinking, because ALWAYS my thinking is fulfilled, of course, in my life.” – Abraham Hicks – and he is saying, in other words, that he doesn’t agree to take anyone’s free will and chance to manifest,¬† and every man, who wants to manifest, has in fact to master¬† a world – his inner world, in which everything is actually created from the very substance of its thoughts.

extras from Esther Hicks (Abraham Hicks)

We just have to try. It takes some effort, a little meditation for a clean thought, but it is worth every effort.

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