Does The Law Of Attraction And Positive Thinking Work?

The law of attraction or positive thinking does not work in your case?

If you have ever wondered why the law of attraction or positive thinking does not work in your case, here are some aspects worth considering:

• Doubt: I deserve it or I don’t deserve it?

law of attraction

For example, in choosing the purpose, the objective, the desired thing, we asked ourselves: do we deserve that thing or are we convinced we deserve it? We want it, but some of us, more or less aware … think we don’t deserve it. That part of us will function as a saboteur. Some people want money and hope to attract them through positive thinking, but they have a bad opinion about people with money, so they doubt in their minds when they think about it. Once the goal is chosen, there should be no doubt or questions about how we will achieve it, “be convinced that you know what you need to know.”

• Order in thinking

Positive thinking means that everything you know about yourself is in line with your purpose. You can’t want to be a manager if you think you’re in bad relationships with people. Don’t advertise yourself badly, be careful what you think about yourself because a thought repeated often enough becomes a belief. The way you see yourself creates your behavior, and this is the base of your results.

• “Must…”

Do not propose a thing starting with “you must …”. In your inner dialogue avoid this, the subconscious will regard this as an imposed thing, not a constructive choice. Use “I choose to …” because it is more credible for you to say “I choose to be a calm person” than “I have to be a calm person”

• Do not avoid making decisions

The decisions you make are up to you. If you do not make a decision, then someone else can decide for you. The fear of not making a decision may exist, on the grounds that it may displease some people – you will never be able to make all happy.

• Insurance policy

When you set a target or a goal, it is good to wish and affirm that it is in accordance with your destiny.

• Manifest Gratitude

Express your appreciation and gratitude for all the good things that have happened to you, these feelings are related to those of love. Abraham Hicks says that gratitude and love have the same strong vibration meant to make the law of attraction work and bring you more things like those for which you are grateful.

From Robert Anthony

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