Healing Through Positive Thoughts And Subconscious

Scientific Evidence That Shows Healing Through Positive Thoughts And Subconscious

Healing Through Positive Thoughts

In his book, ” The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”, Joseph Murphy shows the great healing power for the body and the life trough positive affirmations and the full confidence in the power of the subconscious to maintain our lives in a positive, beneficial atmosphere.

The author comes up with a lot of examples from the experiences of people who, by self-suggesting and strongly believing in their body’s ability to heal, really do this and live true wonders in their lives. By reading, you feel confident that you have an extraordinary force: the power to change your life and that this is really possible, the believe that healing trough positive thoughts is possible and anyone can achieve it.

Scientific evidence

Scientists are finally showing us how thoughts can cause specific molecular changes on genes! So, “By training our mind we can regain our health!”

A recent study published by  Psychoneuroendocrinology Journal and conducted by researchers in Wisconsin, Spain and France demonstrated molecular changes in the body, after an intense period of meditative practice and positive thinking.

The study showed the beneficial effects experienced by a group of meditation practitioners, compared to a group of subjects who were involved in non-meditative activities. After 8 hours of meditation, the researchers found differences at the molecular level and a low level of the genes with inflammatory potential, as well as the ability of the subjects who practiced the meditation, to recover more easy in case of stressful situations. The new results demonstrate a biological mechanism that has therapeutic effects, and each of us could activate …

The activity of the genes can be changed through perception

Dr. Bruce Lipton was the first scientist to come forward with this idea that through the power of thought, we have the power to transform ourselves even at the molecular level. In 2005, Dr. Bruce Lipton published the book The Biology of Belief – Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, gene activity can be changed in everyday life, because our mind’s perceptions are reflected in the chemistry of our body, and if our nervous system interprets the environment and controls the blood chemistry, then you can really change the fate of each cell in your body, by changing your thoughts.

Here is a clear example of healing trough  positive thoughts: we must change our way of thinking, in order to achieve healing in the body: “The function of the mind is to create a coherence between our beliefs and the reality we experience,” explains Dr. Lipton. “Which means that your mind will adjust the biology of your body and its behavior, to match what you believe. If you were told that you will die in six months, and your mind will believe this suggestion, you will most likely die in six months.

This is known as the nocebo effect, meaning the result of a negative thought, which is the opposite of the placebo effect, where healing is aided by positive thinking, ”explains Bruce Lipton,  as really, we can rewrite the genetic code in our cells, changing the chemistry of our blood.

This happens through the activity of a system composed of three parts: there is in us a part that does not want to die (the conscious mind) and that is influenced by a part that thinks that it will die (the doctor’s forecast regarding your condition, what is recorded in the subconscious) which manifests itself in the chemical reactions in our body (the third part), reactions that conform to the dominant belief. Neuroscience has shown that the subconscious part of the mind controls 95 percent of our lives, so this is the dominant belief …

It is a complex situation, explains Dr. Lipton – “People were programmed to believe that they are the victims and that they have no control. We are programmed from the beginning with the beliefs of our mother and our father. For example, when we are sick, we are told that we must go to the doctor, because the doctor is the authority that deals with our health.


We have received this message since childhood, that doctors are the authority and that we are the victims of the forces that manifest in our body, beyond our ability to control this. The funny part is that many times, people do well on their way to the doctor. Then the presence of our innate ability to heal ourselves is felt, and this is another example of the placebo effect. ”

The subconscious beliefs are the KEY

Nowadays there is this current of positive thinking and here, it seems, it has a scientific basis. However, it is not enough to think positive at the conscious level, but to discover the blockages at the subconscious level.

People can pay attention to their conscious beliefs but they cannot guess what is hidden in their subconscious, where, most of the time, negative thoughts are well hidden. Your subconscious beliefs act either to your advantage or to your disadvantage; sometimes, just trying to change your conscious attitude about life, you cannot change the subconscious part that lives in you.

The new science of epigenetics, however, promises the opportunity of every being on the planet to become what it really is and to develop the ability to reach the highest possibilities, including the ability to heal our bodies, society and live, in peace.

“Our genome is very dynamic in its mode of expression and the results we found show that peace of mind can effectively influence how it is expressed,” the Davidson study quoted above shows.

And other recent studies have shown epigenetic responses to stimuli such as stress, diet, exercise, responses that have manifested during a few hours of sleep.

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