What Is Reiki? (3)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of spiritual evolution through which man can access the universal source of energy, the Divine. In all the systems existing on Earth today people talk about this energy, whether they call it bioenergy, or Light, or prana, or chi or Ki it is the same.

reiki energy healing

The difference between systems is how to take this energy and how to use it. In qiqung, tai chi, tao it is taken from the atmosphere, from the stars, etc.

In Christianity it is taken through prayer, through communion, through holy water from a direct access to the universal source (the Divine) and through Reiki you also have direct access to the source.

There is another difference, the vibration of Light, and in this chapter Reiki is very good. Reiki masters have a vibration that is far superior to other practices, except for Tibetan priests, although there are Reiki masters who have a higher vibration even.

Reiki not only defines a healing system – as it is perceived by many in the world – but especially the inner state we acquire when we come into harmony with everything around us and succeed, with our sincere heart and open mind, so that we can receive the divine truth, keep it in us for as long as possible and give it to others.

When we reach this state we find the meaning of REIKI, a magic word not only for the Japanese, and we experience the permanent miracle that happens every time we agree with the Source.

Reiki is also a way to show our respect for the Creator of all things, a way to know ourselves and to permanently rediscover the possibilities hidden inside of each one of us.

Reiki also means respect for predecessors, for everyone from whom we learned something, for flowers, for plants, for animals, for minerals and the elements of nature, all of which shape the wonderful image of God’s creation. Reiki is a form of manifestation of the purity of our heart.

Whenever we practice Reiki we can think of it as a way of offering through our personal effort an offering to God, through which we show our gratitude and respect. Because the only and only big secret that exists in Reiki is ourselves, when we have found our own path.

Remember: What we are – it is God’s gift to us! What we do – is our gift to God

Reiki features:

Reiki features

Listed by Inamoto Hyakuten (Founder, Komyo Reiki Kai)
-Once you are initiated into Reiki, the healing ability of Reiki will be yours for the rest of your life.
-No special training or experience is needed, Reiki energy will “flow” by itself (you cannot direct or manipulate it).
-There is no need for a conscious concentration (of the mind).
-A Reiki practitioner is not in danger of facing the negative things of others (energies).
-Reiki is very compatible with other healing methods.
-Reiki works on all beings (human, animals and plants) and works on all levels: psychically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
-Reiki is not a belief system (religion) at all.
-Reiki, the love, harmony and healing power of the universe, help and guide you to start your spiritual growth, because ReikI Ryoho is practically a spiritual path.
-Reiki is the one who does the healing, not you (you, as a Reiki practitioner do not do any healing, but you are essential to Reiki). Without you, Reiki cannot work) The further the ego is, the more pure the Reiki channel will be.

Reiki principles:

The secret art of the call of happiness,
Spiritual healing of all diseases,
Starting today, it eliminates fear,
Starting today, don’t be worried anymore,
Starting today, devote yourself to your work,
Starting today, take care of your fellow human beings and all living things,
In the morning and in the evening put your hands together for prayer,
Speak these words from your heart and sing these words.

The advantages of Reiki

It is a system accessible to anyone who wants to evolve spiritually regardless of gender, race, religion, profession, nationality, philosophical beliefs. It is superior to radiesthesia as access to energies and superior to monks as number of angels

The benefits of reiki

reiki energy

Here are some of the benefits of Reiki below:

• Helps the body heal itself
• Eliminates pain
• Reduces stress, anxiety, frustration
• Balances organs and glands
• Provides emotional and mental balance
• Balances the nervous system
• Balances the energies of the body
• Accelerates healing processes by stimulating the immune system
• Detoxifies and cleanses the body, also purifies the chakras
• Cleans and eliminates energy blockages
• Decreases side effects of medicines
• Reduction of drug use
• Increases spiritual awareness
• Develop compassion and respect for life
• It brings great joy, inner peace and balance
• Increases intuition, creativity, logical, clear thinking
• It brings exactly what is needed in the practitioner’s life at that time
• It has no harmful or harmful effects
• Does not create dependency

All of these result are in balance and harmony throughout the body.

What is not Reiki:

Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment.
Reiki is not a cure for anything.
Reiki is not a cult or sect.
Reiki is not just a therapy

• It is not a religion
• It is not dogma
• It is not spiritualism
• It is not a doctrine
• It is not a form of mind control
• It is not hypnosis.
• It is not psychic healing
• It’s not imagination
• It is not psychotherapy
• There is no self-suggestion
• It is not a medical technique
• It is not a diagnostic method
• It is not a universal panacea
• It is not an alternative medicine
• It is not a type of meditation
• It’s not shamanism, magic
• It is not a massage technique
• It is not bio energy
• It is not a martial art

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