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Definitions given to the wonderful Reiki


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Hawayo Takata, Reiki’s great master, described Reiki in the following way: “Reiki – the highest secret in energy science. Reiki is wisdom and truth.” In ancient times, when he was not so called, Reiki was part of whole which included healing techniques and self-awareness, development, improvement and livelihoods in harmony and happiness.

Here are some of the definitions that have been given, over time, to this wonderful system, called Reiki:

  • Technique of spiritual healing (Mikao Usui)
  • Reiki is a system. There is no superstition there, only real facts (Hawayo Takata)
  •  Science and Art (Hawayo Takata)
  • Here is a large space around us. This is the Universe. He is an enormous and infinite energy, the last source of the Creator. It does not come from the sun, the moon or the stars. It is a force without limits, which causes the plants to grow and the birds to fly. When a human being is in pain or trouble, then he can call upon it. It is an etheric source, a great power, which revitalizes us and restores harmony. This is Nature, it is God, His power that He has made available to all His creature. In Japanese this energy is used by Reiki (Hawayo Takata)
  • I believe that there is a single Supreme Power – the Infinite Absolute – a dynamic, uncontrolled force that governs the world and the Universe. It is an invisible spiritual power that vibrates. So it is absolute! We can call it Reiki! Being a universal force, given by the Great Divine Power, it belongs to all those who seek it and want to learn the art of healing (Hawayo Takata).
  • Universal Energy of Life Force (Rev. Joseph Sparti)
  • The way to be as natural as possible, to be yourself in any circumstance
  • Reiki is Love, Compassion, Harmony, Truth, Trust and Light. It is an expression of ourselves.

Spiritual, but not religious.
It is important not to mix the concept of spirituality with that of religion. Reiki has nothing to do with religion. People of all types and religious systems and cultures practice and are initiated for Reiki and benefit from it daily.

Reiki energy – a vital force.

Reiki is a certain energy that helps our healing system to function to its full potential. The Reiki practitioner captures and ensures the transfer of energy, puts it within the reach of the patient – of the treated one – for him to absorb it, and controls its flow. Reiki receives vital energy, which feeds its own healing system and makes it act more efficiently.

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

When we think of healing, we consider that it means the removal of symptoms and disease. All should be considered healing at all levels – mind, body, spirit – because the lack of harmony at any level and inconsistency between them will generate an imbalance which, will lead to the disease with its symptoms in some part of the whole.

With reiki we have the opportunity to counteract this and restore the overall harmony of the whole. When dealing with symptoms, it is very useful to remember that many physical diseases  represent the manifestation of long-term imbalances existing in a person, as a whole, and the disease is a cry for help.

Therefore we must look at the person as a whole, not its parts taken separately. If we remove only the symptoms of the disease, the cause will send another cry for help, by moving the symptoms to another area or by lack of response to the treatment applied.

Reiki is an example of simplicity

Reiki is an example of simplicity and this sometimes misleads us in terms of its efficiency – especially in the West, where we like things to be technical, to be able to be demonstrated, to have manuals with detailed instructions and to work quickly. We can get the basics of reiki in one weekend and, from the moment of granting, we can use it. Only thing is that everyone needs their own time to assimilate the energies. This happens naturally and is facilitated by regular and constant practice.

Reiki is both gentle and powerful. Helps heal physical and mental disorders. It is always beneficial and works to increase the efficiency of all other types of therapies. Treatment has many physical and spiritual benefits, including positive states of consciousness and spiritual experiences.

Reiki works in harmony with all other types of treatments, helping to speed up the healing process.

Reiki is multilateral. Reiki can improve different aspects of our lives. Among them are: self-development and awareness, maintaining one’s own health and well-being and others – of children, animals, plants.

It can be useful in first aid cases (but not in care), medical and emergency situations, in case of stress, fear, at home, at work, in hospitals, for cooking, gardening, for healing the past, supporting the present and helping for the future. It can serve as support for other healing methods, both classic, as well as alternatives.

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