Energy Vampires – How To Protect Ourselves

Energy Vampires: Stealing of Energy

energy vampires

Energy vampires are a serious problem, and their consequences lead to unexplained illnesses of people. We have an aura around us that is nothing more than an energy shell, with the purpose of protecting us from external energy attacks. A quiet person, who loves and accepts everyone around him, has a strong aura, with no gaps to attack.

A fearful, desperate, restless man, who gathers negative emotions, has a broken aura, through which energy vampires can easily penetrate and, once they begin to take the person’s energy, invariably condemns him to the appearance of a serious health problem.

Energy vampires mean not only stealing of a certain amount of energy, the breach of the aura’s coat, but also an injury to the fine structure of each person’s field, which leads to the deformation of mental or physical health. The person who begins to take the energy of other is shut off the channels of communication with the universe and then, in order to save himself, he has to take, without the will of others, the need it energy to survive.

The followers of the “thieves” will do the same

This process of losing links with the Divinity, with the Universe, can continue throughout generations. In other words, the children of vampires will also become vampires, because, coming from such parents, they are also born with closed channels to connect  the universe. They can suffer serious illness, because they are born without love, without understanding the connection with God.

How do energy vampires most easily do to steal the energy? The most useful thing is to anger the one who is to become the victim. If we talk about a child, all he has to do is annoy, irritate his parents, his schoolmates, torment the animals, make fun of the old ones.

Thus, the others will get angry, they will scream at him, they will become very nervous and, ready: the transfer of energy has taken place. The same goes for the adult vampire, with the distinction that he does not need to attack his parents, but close people or colleagues, or people he comes in contact with. Their only chance to be saved is to pray for the salvation of their soul. Otherwise, it is written to pray for those who curse us and to bless those who hate us.

The Effects are Serious, Acute !

The energy vampires bring us a state of exhaustion and discomfort when we are around them or after they have left. A person who has suffered an attack of energetic vampirism presents the following symptoms: acute fatigue, which can turn into chronic fatigue if the connection with the vampire is permanent or frequent; lack of energy, and then, involuntarily, the victim must in turn vampirize someone else to take back their surrendered energy; heightened or clear nervousness, headaches, dizziness, nausea, memory loss and even cardiac arrhythmia.

How they can be recognized

Those who permanently complain. By always asking for our affection, our compassion, they give us the role of rescuers even if we do not want it and are not able to receive counsel, but through the string of hiccups they are only trying to discharge their own energy waste and take from us our good energy.

Addicts. They want from us permanent evidence of love or help, they ask us for the smallest decision they are not able to take, they cling to us like children, and so they push us with unwanted responsibilities. They exhaust us with their requests endlessly. If we want to distance ourselves, then he gets upset and accuses us of not wanting to help him.

Hypersensitive. Due to their exaggerated sensitivity, we are forced to take permanent care of them, any problem, no matter how small, becomes a drama, and we live in permanent stress around them.

Those who create conflicts. In order to solve their problems they are capable of verbal aggression, this being their way of functioning. They do not know nor want to know what peace is, but the person who is being attacked will lose a lot of energy.

Those who argue with the law. There is nothing to respect in them, they have no rules to follow in a social status and that is why all they do is that they have the right and it is normal, even if they invade the territory, including the soul, of another.

The sick and the elderly. Those who are suffering or unable because of their age need help, affection and, perhaps without their will, our energy. The sick always ask for someone to be with them, as do the old people, they always want someone around. In serious cases of illness, those suffering would die without stealing the energy of those who come to help them.

Therefore, it is not a coincidence that many people who are dedicated to the mission of trying to participate, especially in the heart, in the healing of a patient, especially in the category considered incurable patients, are at great risk of developing in time the illness of the one they were in. . It is a good idea not to sleep with the elderly in the same bed or in the room or near seriously ill people if you do not want to endanger your life. For them, pray, meditate, give them the necessary ones, but do not spend much time around them, because you do it at your own risk.

How to protect ourselves?

Once we have identified both the fact that we are energetically vampirized as well as who the vampire is, it is advisable to break ties with that person either temporarily. In order to have the energy needed to defend ourselves, we must learn to love unconditionally, that is, to expect nothing from anyone.

Energy Vampire

Then we will receive from God a great deal of energy. We have to be very careful about personal relationships. These types of relationships reach us at all levels: spiritually, energetically, mentally, emotionally and, finally, physically. The problem is that no one has explained to people what happens when we enter into a relationship, of any kind, what subtle shifts take place before a handshake, smile or frown.

And no one told us that even when a person is away, but we think about it, we bring it instantly into our field, producing energy exchanges without that man being with us. Therefore, when we have a dissatisfaction we lose energy, when we are happy, we gain energy.

Energy vampires are not only stealing a certain amount of energy, breaking the aura, but also harming the fine structure of each person’s field.

The most grabbers are parents, children, spouses or bosses

They steal our energy through criticism, this being a denial of our value, by interdiction, which touches our freedom of expression, binds us freely to the arbitrator, by taking questions as at interrogation, which produce pressure on our response, through indifference.

In order not to become vulnerable in front of others or to vampirize, even unconsciously, others, it is compulsory to have no expectations from anyone and especially in love relationships. In this type of relationship we suffer the biggest disappointments, failures, we have frustrations, the tendency to control, to take questions with the partner.

We can take our energy without vampirizing others, and this we can do through prayer and meditation, through joy, which can be manifested through laughter, song, dance, and most are achieved through unconditional love and confession, that being the moment when we relieve ourselves of a great ballast that presses our soul.

inspired from Taifasuri

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