5 Mental Exercises – Learn To Love Yourself (1)

Learn How To Love Yourself With Easy, Mental Exercises

The source of all problems is the belief that we are not good enough and that we do not love ourselves enough. It doesn’t matter how long we perpetuated a wrong belief, because we can change it at any time. The moment of power is the present. The only thing we have to do at any given moment is a thought, and a thought can be changed. Now we can choose to think differently than we did until a minute ago.

Love Yourself

Without mattering what the problem is, our life experiences are only external effects of our inner thoughts. Even self-hatred is actually hatred towards a thought you have about yourself. If you think “I am a bad person”, this produces a feeling of being trapped. If you didn’t have the thought, you wouldn’t have the feeling either. And the thoughts can be changed. Change your thoughts and negative feelings will disappear.

Everyone needs to love themselves more, because in this way there is no place of grief in his heart. Self-love begins with never criticizing ourselves for anything, ever.

1- The Mirror

Take a mirror and look into your eyes. Say the name and the following phrase aloud:

Once you’ve done that, be aware of your reaction and why you feel it. For many people this exercise is very difficult to do. What did you feel? Calm, quiet, pleasure or anger, crying, discomfort?

Learn To Love Yourself

Sometimes, some of us can break the wall mirror, others get angry, others cry, or want to run away, some hate and can’t say the words, others feel it is too funny and they can’t do this. It takes some months for them to succeed in looking in the mirror, accepting and loving themselves.

The idea is simple: these are the words after which all people on this earth long for a lifetime. We want to hear them from parents and family, from life partner (s), from colleagues and collaborators. There are times in our life where we would give anything to be encouraged, accepted and to be told.

BUT, if we find it difficult, or even impossible to say these words, so simple and natural, how can we expect others to tell us? For others to be able to love us, accept and understand, we must first love ourselves and accept ourselves just as we are. Perfection is just an idea. We are all imperfect. You are fine. We need not to be afraid to look into our own eyes.

2- Negative Messages

Take a sheet of paper and make a list of all the things your parents told you would be wrong with you. Give yourself 20-30 minutes and think well, remember as much as possible. What did they say about money? What did they say about your body? What did they say about personal relationships? What did they say about your talent and creativity? What were the limiting or negative things they were telling you? If you can, look at these things objectively, make connections and say to yourself, “So here’s my guess.”

Continue the exercise. Take another sheet of paper and write down what other negative beliefs you have heard since childhood:
– kin
– friends
– professors
– authoritative figures
– others
Do not rush and write everything you remember. Leave the list open because maybe in the next few days you will remember more. Pay attention to the emotions you have as you write.

What you have written on these two sheets are the thoughts that must be taken out of your consciousness. These are the beliefs that make you feel that you are not good enough.

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