Water Has Feelings, Energy, Memory And Life (2)

The Best Water


As with anything else, the best manufacturer of water is nature. And the best water is spring water. Unpolluted springs which do not have a high mineral residue, are the best source of energy-laden water, lively water, water that activates us.

The purest water is find in Venezuela and is called Roroima (mother of waters).

It is a virgin water, untouched by any kind of human intervention. Energy level is 40,000 times more active than tap water. They talk about the “Indians” native to those places, that are so happy people, healthy, energetic and satisfied with their lives, so much, that they do not want to descend from their mountains to live in such a way – civilization created by modern man.

Water – A Luxury

Only a little over 1% of the water available on the globe is fresh, good, drinking water. This has always been. From the beginning of the world, and even with the rapidly growing population of mankind up to 7 billion people, it would have been enough if this so-called “civilization” had not polluted and destroyed much of it.

More than 1 billion people on earth do not have access to safe drinking water. More than 5 million people, half of whom are children, die from it every year. This number is 10 times greater than the number of those who die in wars every year. Surely, if this problem is left unresolved, water could become a cause of war between countries in the near future. According to UN sources around 10 million tonnes of oil residue reach the seas and oceans every year. In addition, countries with access to water, discharge a series of toxic waste, resulting from construction in the world’s seas and oceans constantly.

But in its particular wisdom, water through its circulation in nature, has the power to reset all negative information and to cleanse itself of all impurities to return to its primary state, namely, to give life.

Love and Gratitude


In his experiments, Emoto Masaru – I was talking about earlier –  also did a series of tests in which certain words were projected onto the water. From all the words that determined the formation of the purest crystal of water, there were actually two: Love and Gratitude.

A great thinker said we should live our lives in a state of perpetual prayer, and he explain how can such a state be translated into these two words: Love and Gratitude.

The universe was created by THE  ABSOLUTE, by THE SOURCE who created the whole existence and all its material manifestations. Each of us has a drop of water in this primordial ocean. Every word of ours is like a splash of water, an environment of thought, a source of information. And we should all reward this ABSOLUTE with love and gratitude.

We are drops in one ocean

If we were able to live our lives in a state of love and gratitude, then the change would really start in us and will be reflected everywhere like the waves of an ocean!

Through the excessive consumption of distorted and unhealthy foods, people have numbed certain natural senses and instincts. Thus, people cannot make the difference between pure, pure – living water and artificial water, dead, without energy. But any animal that has a choice between the two, will always choose the spring water full of energy.

Water is the universal solvent. We are a form of life based on water. Water carries nutrients to every cell in our body. Water releases any toxin. The water alone can dissolve and release any toxin.

The first step in getting your body’s chemistry in order is hydration. Almost the entire population suffers from chronic dehydration. Doctor Fereydoon Batmanghelidj explains this in his book “Multiple Screams Of Our Body For Water”. He explains that all kinds of pain, obesity, and premature physical degeneration are linked to chronic dehydration.

If we are well hydrated we increase the strength of the immune system. Our skin and organs stay healthy. We stay bright, clear and beautiful. Hydration is the main element that keeps our tissues “juicy”.

Nowadays the challenge comes from how clean the water is. Most tap water is full of heavy metals, chlorine and other microorganisms. Many of the rivers are polluted and dangerous to drink or eat. There is only one place in the world where tap water is pure spring water .. Iceland… Spring water is an essential product of the natural hydro-logical cycle of the earth.

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