The Water Has Feelings, Energy, Memory And Life

Water – A Mystery Still


Water – such a normal word, a thing so common to many of us – water, remains a mystery. And despite the many studies and researches that have been done in recent years, we have not yet been able to understand what water really is. No one has been able to understand:

  • Why water increases its density at low temperatures, compared to the rest of liquids that do not behave like this and contract at cold.
  • Why is water the only substance on earth that exists in 3 states?
  • Why has the highest surface tension?
  • Why is it the strongest solvent on earth?
  • As against the law of gravity, water can climb through the trunk of very tall trees.
  • The water in a seed reaches 400 atmospheres at the time of germination, which is also the reason why a plant can grow through the asphalt without problems.
  • Each seed, each embryo begins its life exclusively in water.
  • The brain is 85% water.
  • The man according to his age is between 65% -90% water.
  • Our planet contains 80% water.

Recent research has led us to a logical conclusion. A substance that gives life to plants, animals and humans must have life in its turn. On Earth life is dependent on water. So we could say without hiding that Water = LIFE, or more simply, water has life. But not only it has life, it was even discovered that water has memory. The water records everything that happens in the space through which it travels, and depending on all these accumulations, the water changes its structure.

For a long time the researchers did not break the “code” of water because they were related to the observation of the chemical composition. But the composition is not important as the structure is. From the point of view of composition the water is all and everywhere the same, from the point of view of the structure the water is everywhere different.

Scientists claim that the structure of water inside our body is identical to that of the area in which we were born. This makes the expression “mother country” no longer just a poetic significance and explains why for many of us the longing for the country and the joy of returning “home” are often indescribable or incomprehensible feelings.

Nowhere in the world is water the same. Water crosses the soil, thus absorbing information related to the biological and energy characteristics specific to each place, information that we, in turn, inhabitants of certain “lands” have impregnated in our DNA.

Water has feelings


In 1995, Dr. Emoto Masaru was the first to manage the water response to music. In his laboratory, water was subjected to several genres of music, and after each audition session, it was instantly frozen, which allowed the crystals formed by water in this process to be observed under the microscope. Music such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven formed beautiful, harmonious crystals. Music like heavy metal formed ugly crystals, indefinite.

Another interesting experiment made by Dr. Masaru was the one related to the rice glasses. Thus, doctor Masaru took 3 glasses in which he put rice and poured water. Then for a month, every day, to one glass said “thank you, I love you”, to another glass said “you’re an idiot, I hate you”, and the third one, he ignored it completely. After a month, the rice in the glass he was “in love” with, fermented and gave a pleasant smell. The rice in the glass “of insults” was blackened. And the rice in the ignored glass had mold.

It is an important lesson that we must learn from this experiment. Namely, indifference is the most destructive. Since we are mostly made up of water, our thoughts, feelings, directly influence those around us. Think especially of children. The way we interact with them is crucial to how they will develop. If we ignore them or talk badly to them, they will have the fate of rice glasses.

From practice we all know that feelings such as hatred, anger, envy and even boredom, not only exert a negative influence on other people, but also influence us. It is logical to think that all the negative feelings and thoughts we have and that we project on others, affect us first and foremost. Since we are between 65% and 90% water, it is normal for us to pollute directly, and first of all the water inside us and implicitly our own body, mood and health.

It seems that the whole universe is interconnected. The whole universe functions as ONE. And what each of us does, influences everything that exists in this universe. The main element that creates all these links and all these exchanges of information is water.

In other experiments it was observed that if we project simple feelings on the water, it changes its structure and energy. Thus, love increases the energy of water and stabilizes it while negative feelings reduce the energy of water and produce radical changes.

It has also been observed that structured water makes vegetables grow faster and have more nutrients. It is used with 20% less water without fertilizer in plants. Also it was observed that water can be used as a fuel, Chinese researchers inventing an engine that works with 80% diesel and 20% structured water. This engine pollutes less and has a much lower consumption… continue reading

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