Strange In Kazakhstan – The Mystery Of Sudden Sleep Disease?

How To Explain The Mystery Of Sudden Sleep Disease?

Radiation, government conspiracy, mass hysteria: There have been numerous theories as to why some of the residents of the mining town of Kalachi, Kazakhstan, suffer from sudden sleep disease.

The sleep epidemic, due to which people suddenly fall into a deep sleep that can last for even a few days, has amazed doctors around the world. Since 2013, when the epidemic broke out, 150 of the 600 inhabitants of the Kazakh town have fallen prey to sudden sleep disease.

Sleep crises last for days


Those who have gone through this experience tell that the first signs of sleep installation are the loss of motor control, followed by dizziness and weakness.

Then the victim loses consciousness and falls into a deep sleep, which can take up to several days. Unfortunately, sleep crises can occur anytime, and many locals have experienced this in situations that have proven to be very dangerous.

For example, a local named Viktor Kazachenko fell asleep suddenly while riding his motorcycle with his wife. Because of this, the two had an accident, which fortunately they were chosen only with slight injuries.

From this incident, Kazachenko remembers nothing. He woke up just as suddenly as he fell asleep after three days in the hospital.

Inconclusive tests

Kalachi tests

Because Kalachi is so isolated, it took some time before the Kaza authorities realized that strange phenomena were happening in the city. Authorities were alerted only in August 2014, after the epidemic struck three times by then: first in the spring of 2013, then in January 2014 and in May 2014.

Scientists have begun to investigate the causes of these strange phenomena, and the locals – sick or healthy – have undergone a multitude of tests, the results of which have been inconclusive

Health inspectors have ruled out the possibility that a virus, bacteria or certain chemicals in water and soil will cause the mysterious epidemic. Moreover, research has shown that the disease does not discriminate: the victims were both men and women, aged between 14 and 70 years.

Danger from the depths

Kalachi ghost town

Many researchers have suspected uranium mines near the locality and possible contamination with radon and carbon monoxide. However, in the first phase, the more than 7,000 tests carried out on air, food and water in Kalachi did not reveal significantly increased concentrations of radiation or heavy metals.

Finally, the mystery was elucidated. In 2015, Kazakh Deputy Prime Minister Berdibek Saparbaev announced that the strange phenomena in Kalachi were indeed related to uranium mines.

After a thorough analysis of the medical analyzes of all the locals, the researchers concluded that the sudden sleep disorder had been caused by high concentrations of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in the air.

In order to protect the locals, the authorities initiated a relocation process from the contaminated area.

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