Paranormal Horoscope: Women’s Signs With Extra Power

Find out if you are among the signers with special abilities!

Water signs are the deepest, mystical, religious of the 12, endowed with a sixth sense that others are ready to envy. Even if you do not believe in the supernatural and have neglected these special abilities, they exist and can be brought to life at any time. There are really women’s signs with extra power!


Women's Signs With Extra Power

Strongly emotional, dominated by feelings, their inner energy is special, overwhelming. They have a fire hidden deep in their soul, which illuminates their path to the souls of other people. Sometimes they warm your hearts, sometimes they beat them. Enigmatic, the mysteries attract them and the occultism fascinates them. Scorpion’s extra powers are positive or negative, depending on the sufferings or joys that those around her bring. Scorpions special abilities: can attract the good in their lives, but they can also mercilessly destroy the obstacles in the path or wipe you irreparably, enveloping you in their nets. Scorpions are extremely receptive to the signals they receive from the Universe and from other people, believe in life after death and captivate the existence of the world beyond. If they put their mind to it, they can uncover every lie and every truth. They have to learn to hold their imagination in strife, because sometimes it distances them from the real world.


Women's Signs With Extra Power

Sensitivity helps you to perceive the emotions behind the words, even if they are unspoken. Cancer extra powers are many, as is the availability of the soul, they only need time and help to discover and carve them. When they feel safe, calm, in their waters, they can reveal any secret. Not in vain many clairvoyants and divination specialists are Cancer. They are passionate about the things you do not understand, they love to unravel mysteries, to reveal apparent and they are in a permanent search for answers. Sometimes they exaggerate and find substrates even where they don’t exist.

In addition, from Cancer’s special abilities is that they have the grace to offer those around them exactly what they need: a shoulder to cry on, a hand to guide them. When they meet you, some people have the impression that they’ve known them for a lifetime. In turn, they often have the feeling of deja vu and not very often things happen just as they predicted.


Women's Signs Extra Power

If they cultivate their extrasensory energies with patience and study, they can change their life. It is known that of all the signs, Pisces, dominated by Neptune, the star of spirituality, have a special inclination towards mysticism, they perceive the vibrations of this world as well as of the one beyond. From the Pisces extra power is that they have preconceived dreams, telepathic powers and they leave the impression that they know exactly what others are going to think, as if they were in others minds and skin. They are convinced that anything can be accomplished, if you wish it well enough. Prayer is important to them, as well as meditation, it helps them find their-self, it gives them power, it guides them. They are passionate about the history of religions and all ways of communicating with the deity. Many times Pisces,because of their special abilities, become priests, monks, therapists, eager to heal others, alleviating the suffering of others.

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