How Each Zodiacal Sign Defines Their Love

How Each Zodiacal Sign Defines And Imagines The Love?

Bellow is a short description for the way in which the zodiacal signs understand, describe, comprehend and dream about love.

Aries – For Love You Have To Fight



For Aries, everything is a struggle, including love. He struggled with his own jealousy, with the desire to conquer, then to dominate his partner, to benefit from all his attention. If everything went smoothly, they would lose interest immediately.

Taurus – True Love Lasts A Lifetime



The seriousness and constanticy of the Taurus are reflected in his love life. Passenger or superficial relationships do not fit this zodiac sign that wants a love until the end of life.


Gemini – Love Does Not Follow Rules



We know about Gemini that they are always surprising. They have a habit of falling in love when they shouldn’t, who they shouldn’t, but that’s just the charm of love. Spontaneity is their dominant trait and they have an unlimited imagination, which does not create constraints.


Cancer – When You Love, Defects Become Qualities



A Cancer partner will try to fill your life and soul with joy, to do everything to know you the happiest and most spoiled. These natives are able to overcome many shortcomings with a view to the name of love, but they claim to understand them in turn, their hesitations, emotions, cheers.

Leo – Love Knows No Bounds



Possessive and protective, a Lion would go to the end of the world for his love and risk everything for the sake of the loved ones. But strong love, without borders, must be deserved and won. For Leo, you will have to forget everything and everything, to turn it into the center of your Universe.

Virgin – Love Without Reason Is Nothing



There is rarely a Virgin, Virgo, left in the wave, even when in love. She does not accept to miss any element of the perfect picture that she wants with her half. For Virgins, love must pass through the filter of thought.

Libra – If You Love Someone, Give Them Freedom



The Libra (Balance) are hard to decide in love and are not the most constant in feelings. This sign needs freedom to decide alone, without constraints, how intense her feelings are. The rules and criticisms put out the fire from his soul.

Scorpio – In Love Everything Is Allowed



A zodiac that lives intensely every moment of love, Scorpio does not censor his passion, jealousy, dedication. The rules in love have no place, because the soul does not respect them. The secret love, the adventures, the outgoing relationships of the pattern are affecting him.

Sagittarius – There Is No Perfection In Love



This sign, Sagittarius, of fire does not waste time looking for an ideal. He simply lives to the fullest and enjoys every look, kiss or hug, without fear, without pressure, without many rules. The more spontaneous everything is, the better.

Capricorn – Love Comes At The Right Time



Capricorns do not rush in any way, they do everything when they feel ready. But to dream, they dream relentlessly to their soul mate until the moment they meet him. Then, all things make sense and are fully convinced that it was worth the wait.

Aquarius – Love Is Unique And Unrepeatable



The Aquarius will always live with the conviction that there is no love like his, so intense, so special. That is why he wants to live it to the full, at an astonishing rate. For Aquarius, love means to know his thoughts, plans, fears, to advise him in all respects.

Fish – All People Deserve To Be Loved



Romantic and tender, the Fish , Pisces are grateful for the love they receive and feel obliged to offer it. For them, feelings are the nourishment of the soul and the daily source of energy. But they are also very vulnerable, precisely because they give everything.

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