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Chinese medicineCareful hands check is an ancient method of diagnosis in Chinese medicine. You can learn to appreciate your health, depending on the shape of your nails and palm lines.

There is no sick Chinese who does reach out to the clinic, without the doctor check his hand, to carefully examine the shape, structure of the skin, fingers, nails, skin and more pronounced or wiped lines. For Chinese doctors the hand is a map of the whole body, with which they hope to make a diagnosis.

This method of diagnosis, known since ancient times also in India, Greece and Egypt, is called chirology (from the Greek “chir” = hand and “loggia” = teaching). Currently, it is practiced in Europe, by the therapists especially specialized in over 150 signs, from which important medical conclusions can be drawn. They do not rely exclusively on them, but try to combine various methods to make a complete picture of the patient’s health. The hand can help them to realize certain predispositions to diseases or sensitivities inherited from birth.

The three main lines in the palm and how the Chinese medicine interpret it

1. Line of life (in Chinese medicine, “line of the earth”)
Say something about the person’s constitution. If it is long, clearly pronounced and without interruptions, the person is robust. The existing ramifications at its base (in the direction of the wrist) could indicate problems in the genital area. If the life line resembles a chain composed of many links, there may be a sensitivity of the gastrointestinal tract.

2. The head line (in Chinese medicine, the “human line”)
According to the chiropractors, it is closely related to the brain, nervous system and senses. Well pronounced, it also indicates – like the life line – a robust constitution. An “island” located on this line (it splits and then joins again) could indicate migraines inherited from birth, and an “island” located above, near the index finger, a poorly genetically conditioned view.

3. Heart line (in Chinese, “heaven line”)
As the name implies, this line is closely related to the heart and blood vessels. When it is very pronounced, it may indicate a certain predisposition to vascular disorders. The predisposition to hypo-tension can be recognized by two straight and short lines, which intersect the heart line near the ring. No matter how much confidence people give to alternative or classical medicine, it is worthwhile for them to examine their hands and if they see any modification, especially of the fingers, to speak to a specialist.

Signs and changes on the hand and how the Chinese interpret:

1. Symptom: The nail is bulging, looking like the clock bottle.
Possible Cause: bulging nails are generally harmless. But when their pumping occurs over time, the cause may be severe lung or heart disease.
Solutions: Consult your doctor.

2. Symptom:  Narrow Nail, spoon-shaped, arched upwards, often brittle.
Possible Cause: If the nails are so from birth it’s  not a danger, but if they occur suddenly, the cause may be iron deficiency and anemia.
Solutions: In case of anemia, consult your doctor. As for the lack of iron, it can be the result of a wrong diet and compensates by consuming beef organs (spleen, liver), whole grains, parsley, oat juice or oatmeal.

3. Symptom: The nail is arched down and sometimes thickens. It looks like a claw.
Possible cause: If they are not hereditary, claw nails may be indications for blood irrigation disorders. If the “claw” appears only at the tip of the forefinger, it may be a predisposition to asthma or lack of calcium.
Solutions: Blood irrigation disorders should be treated by a doctor. For the lack of calcium it is recommended legumes (beans, peas, lentils), nuts, dairy products, natural calcium obtained from shelled eggs, plenty of water.

4. Symptom: One or more recesses along the nails.
Possible cause: The most common is poor manicure or a disease that prevented briefly nail growth. If there is a stain, it means that the nail has been crushed or hit in that place.
Solutions: The nail is restored in 130-180 days, during which time the deepening disappears by itself. When you
look at the manicure, pay attention to the root of the nail. The skin should be easily pushed with a soft stick.

5. Symptom: Vertical stripes that extend from the root to the tip of the nail. Or white stripes that
appear under the nail.
Possible cause: These streaks generally occur in people with dry skin and are harmless. But they can also be the signs of a psoriasis to be installed or the signs of arthritis. White and long stripes may be a sign that it is a fungus.
Solutions: Sometimes it is enough to consume more fluids.


If they are permanent, the strips can be carefully removed by nailing. In case of mycosis, the doctor should be consulted. The sooner, the better.

6. Symptom: Dark spots under the nail.
Possible cause: The most common cause is bleeding caused by injuries (stings). Rarely, black spots and spots indicate the high presence of toxins in the body.
Solutions: If there is an excess of toxins in the body, seek days off with fluids. At least once a week, drink fruit and vegetable juices, take herbal detoxifies.

7. Symptom: Yellow spots on the nail or below it.
Possible cause: In smokers there are traces of nicotine, but if the nail becomes brittle and thickens, the cause may be mycosis or a disorder of liver or iron function.
Solutions: Nicotine stains are removed with water and vinegar or lemon. If the reason for the appearance of the stains is unclear, the doctor should be consulted.

8. Symptom: Temporary swelling of the fingers, hands and wrists.
Possible cause: In women, if the inflammatory process occurs between the 24th and 28th cycle, it may be fluid retention. In general, if the swelling is permanently installed, there may be problems with the lymph circulation and the doctor should be consulted.
Solutions: Water deposits are solved with … water: drink at least 2 liters of plain water a day or herbal teas (nettle, beans), drastically reduce salt, take potassium (bananas) and juniper tincture.

9. Symptom: Cold fingers and hands, even when it’s hot outside.
Possible cause: Blood circulation disorders or hypo-tension. If the fingers suddenly become cold ice and pale, the cause could be the so-called Raynaud’s syndrome, but the diagnosis has to be put by doctor.
Solutions: In the event of traffic disturbances, give up cigarettes and coffee and keep moving. Patients with Raynaud’s syndrome often suffer from anxiety and stress. They are recommended relaxation techniques.

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