Hair Loss: Top 10 Causes And The Most Efficient Treatments

Causes of Hair Loss

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The hair is one of the most beautiful part of the face, that gives a special charm to any woman. Many times, attempts to maintain its health and wealth fail, due to conditions that deteriorate its appearance and can even lead to hair loss. In fact, hair loss is one of the most common diseases of the century, caused by stress, but also by many other factors. The hair loss can be manifested both in women, men and children. Here, you canĀ  discover everything you need to know about this common problem.

Did you know that, according to studies, it is perfectly normal to lose 50-100 hairs daily? It is normal for the hair to regenerate, but when we notice that the hair loss is excessive, we must look for the causes of hair loss and, of course, the solutions. First of all, it is essential to review the top 10 causes that lead to hair loss:

1) Emotional shocks. Stress is the first cause of hair loss. Traumatic life events, white cells in the body can attack the hair follicles, which causes hair loss. Most often, however, once the emotional state is stabilized, the hair resumes its normal growth cycle.

2) Poor nutrition. Poor diet is also on the list of main reasons why you may lose your hair. The existence of too much vitamin A in the body or the lack of an optimal level of protein can generate, among many other effects, also hair loss.

3) Seasonal changes. The hair undergoes certain changes depending on the season we are in. If this winter tends to become more brittle due to the cold, in the summer the hair becomes dehydrated. Thus, to combat these negative effects it is important to use professional shampoos to provide protection to your hair.


4) Inadequate hair care. Excessive hair styling or inadequate hair care is a common cause in both women and men, which leads to hair loss. It is important not to exaggerate with the use of styling products and to opt for only quality products.

5) Medications. Certain medications, including: contraceptives, cytostatic agents, retinoids and anti-hypertensives may have adverse effects on hair, causing hair loss. Even certain types of acne pills can have this negative effect.

6) Pregnancy. During pregnancy, women may notice that their hair is falling more than normal. Also, hair loss can manifest itself post-pregnancy, as a result of extremely strong pain.

7) Hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances are also among the causes of hair loss. Whether they are of age or not, they can lead to hair loss.

8) The genetic background. You may already know, but it is important to mention that hair loss can also develop on a genetic basis. This is easy to deduce, especially for men.

9) Sudden weakness. If you thought it was time to lose a few extra pounds, no way to think that it would be a good idea to try a strict diet. Sudden weight loss is a major cause of hair loss.

10) Certain health problems. Hair loss can also manifest as a complementary effect to certain conditions, such as, for example, cancer, diabetes or thyroid disease (more specifically, hyperthyroidism).

Hair Growth – Can You Stimulate Hair Regeneration?

Hair growth can be stimulated, however, by using special shampoos, which you can use, only at the recommendation of the dermatologist.

Unfortunately, there are situations in which, once the hair root has been destroyed, the hair does not grow again. This problem could be solved by the implantation of some hairs, the procedure that is often used by men who have baldness.

Treatment Against Hair Loss

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Hair loss is, in most cases, a health problem that can be remedied, by various methods. So, if you want to regain the beauty of your hair, here are the most effective ways to apply to the treatment of hair loss:

  • If we talk about vitamin deficiencies, they can be remedied by administering nutritional supplements that balance their level.
  • In case you face an endocrine problem that generates the hair loss it is necessary to consult a specialized doctor;
  • If the hair loss is caused by the administration of certain drugs, the cessation of their administration will be the optimal treatment solution.
  • Is hair loss associated with seasonal changes? Then they can be remedied by administering appropriate supplements, suitable for strengthening nails and hair.

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