Find Your Peace Of Mind – 4 Steps To A Stress Free Life

Learn to find your peace of mind and inner balance!

find your peace of mind

Peace of mind… Did it happen to you to wake up one day and  find the things going smooth and it appears like “tied”, in a secret way, as if a brilliant director had planed and put everything in place? Of course. Unfortunately, you also experienced the reverse of the medal.

The days when everything seemed to go wrong, as if an evil had set out to make fun of your life. Days when you are trying hard to find your peace of mind! But, unfortunately, such days seem to be more frequent than the good ones, aren’t they? Because you can’t be calm in the tram or traffic jams, you can’t feel the breath of fresh air in a glass and metal desk with neon light and air conditioning.

You eat on the run, you talk daily hours on the phone, and everything happens at a dizzying pace. Phrases like: “Life is hard”, “This is it, what to do”, “So it can’t be anymore” – they are the order of the day. Words like “fatigue” and “stress” color your conversations in gray and brown very often. Indeed, “That is not the case.” You have to find solutions right now.

So, how to find your peace of mind? Bellow are 4 steps to a stress free life:

1. It depends on you

First and foremost, you need to understand a simple truth: no one can be blamed  for what you feel every moment. Even if someone has done you the greatest injustice, you are the one who chooses what reaction to have. So, don’t rely on your inner peace by contentment on something outside of you, something you can’t control.


Do not think: “I will be happy in the marriage when my husband brings me a flower every day.” Decide to be happy right now. If you have no reason, invent one. Do not think, “I will be quiet when I get my car.” Surely, when you have it, other worries will arise instead. And you know why? Because we live by the mental “schemes” with which we are accustomed.

If we are accustomed to always having thoughts of dissatisfaction, they will adapt to any situation will arise, even when it starts well. Get used to waking up every morning smiling – for no reason. The mere effort to make the gesture will also call for favorable circumstances. Try it, at least for a day.

2. Find your peace of mind: a quiet, step by step life

You understand that you must teach your mind to always be positive. Replace black thoughts with their opposite. It’s an effort worth the results.

Avoid stressors. But in order to do this, you must first discover who they are. Apart from the habit of thinking negative? Be careful what you eat. If you smoke and drink a lot of coffee, you have already opened a significant door for stress to enter your being. Avoid acidic foods, fries, preserves and fats. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of spring water.

Make every effort, when you eat, to be in a beautiful and peaceful place, to chew in peace, to disconnect from any care. Take care how you dress. Avoid synthetic fabrics, bras and straps too. Dress in soft, comfortable clothes, wear comfortable shoes. Colors matter. If most of your wardrobe is brown and gray, do not be surprised that you feel depressed and miss out of anything.

3. Select your information

stress free life

A single hour spent in the news is enough to inoculate you stress poison for at least a day. If you are receptive to all the misfortunes that are happening in the world, it is no wonder that you feel like you are losing hope. The fact that you are suffering and stressing with someone else does not help at all.

If you can’t actually take action to change things, then at least think positively. This will help you, and those around you more than if you pity someone. So, if you can’t keep calm on the TV, you better read the news that interests you on the internet, or otherwise read a book to learn something new or … watch a comedy.

4. Make someone happy every day

Only one. It doesn’t take much insight to figure out what each person needs. For some, it’s very easy. Maybe you just have to smile encouragingly at a key moment for someone. Or make a phone call, or drive by car. The word “thank you” that someone sincerely addresses is like a balm that relieves any stress.

If you really want to find your peace of mind, try to apply these steps into your everyday life. Wish you lots of success, good luck and a stress free life!

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