5 Secrets Of A Long Life

5 Secrets of a long life that the Chinese reveal to us!

China ranks first in the world in terms of population density. This is due not only to high birth rates, as is commonly believed, but also to long life expectancy. Professor Li Tziun, a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine, reveals the basic national principles for maintaining and prolonging life, youth and health. These are in fact the secrets of a long life.


Secrets of a long life

The Chinese diet has always been rich in soy products, beans, vegetables, fish, mushrooms and algae. How do they help prolong life?

Soybean nutrients reduce cholesterol and sugar in the blood, normalize blood pressure, help in weight loss and prevent osteoporosis. Vegetables provide the body with essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Plus, most vegetables have a low glycemic index.

In order to maintain youth, women are advised to eat as much tofu as soy, seaweed, radish and other alkaline products that enhance cellular activity, accelerate metabolism, improve skin condition, making it finer and brighter.

Professor Li advises us to follow the “3 More and 3 Less” rule: eat less fatty, salty and sweet foods and consume more fruits, cereals and water. And finally, the Chinese approach to food consumption involves moderation. Overeating increases the burden on the heart, disrupts metabolism and leads to various diseases.


According to Chinese medicine theory, the internal organs of man are linked to the external environment and to each other through meridians, along which the “chi” energy moves. This influences the health and quality of the connection with the outside world.

The Chinese believe that the diseases occur due to disorders of the circulation of chi energy in the body. This can be restored more easily with the help of acupuncture. In China, acupuncture is often used in the prevention of stroke, seasonal colds, to improve immunity and to slow down the aging process.

Physical Activity

Secrets of a long life -Chinese

The mornings of many Chinese people begin with Qigong breathing exercises. Daily physical exercises with a minimum duration of 30 minutes help increase immunity and accumulate Yang energy in the body. Thus man becomes more resilient, his movements are fast, maneuverable and accurate. Studies show that 80% of longevities regularly practice physical work or sport.

Work & Rest Regime

Ever since ancient times, the Taoist ascetics or the so-called “seekers of immortality” have assumed that there is a close connection between long life and rational scheduling of work and rest every day. If the daily routine is disrupted, there is a risk of psychiatric disorders and disturbances in the functioning of the internal organs.

“Day – thoughts, night – dreams” – Chinese proverb. A deep and restful sleep is needed for everyone, because during the night the energy of the liver, kidneys and lungs accumulates. To combat insomnia, Chinese doctors recommend consuming 30-60 grams of boiled red currants a day.

The Vision Of Life

Chinese Secrets of a long life

The contemporary way of life is impossible without stress. However, each person reacts to it individually: the optimist sees the opportunity, and the pessimist sees the obstacle. Therefore, for optimists stress can become a motivational impulse, and for pessimists it can be transformed into excessive stress, which alters metabolism and increases the probability of different diseases occurring.

So, if you want to get sick less often, learn to be optimistic. Because all longevity people know how to enjoy life and have a positive outlook on it.

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