5 Reasons To Eat Garlic Every Day

No cholesterol and bacteria! What will happen if we eat garlic every day?

Low immunity? Headaches? Cough? Or high cholesterol? Garlic will help you overcome all these health problems



Garlic is a wonder food, known and used in natural medicine for hundreds of years. Still the father of Hippocratic medicine popularized this food, being one of the first doctors, who recommended to his patients to eat garlic daily to improve and maintain their health.

Here are 5 important reasons why you should eat garlic every day.

1. Garlic lowers high blood pressure

Chinese doctors over the centuries have found garlic to be the safest and most reliable way to fight high blood pressure. The vasodilating effects of garlic are manifested mainly in the peripheral arteries.

Garlic also stimulates the production of some elements, which allow the blood vessels to relax.

2. Garlic strengthens immunity and fights against bacteria

Garlic consumption protects the body from bacteria and does not allow infections to overthrow it. This is the most powerful natural antibiotic, it fights infections, clears sinuses, bronchi and lungs. One milligram of garlic has the same power as 25 units of penicillin.

Daily consumption of garlic can reduce the risk of colds by 63% and the duration of symptoms by 70%.

3. Reducing the level of “bad” cholesterol

The sulfuric component allicin, released when garlic is crushed, encourages the elimination of cholesterol from the body and reduces the amount of unhealthy fats produced by the liver. In healthy volunteers who have agreed to follow a diet based on fat, it has been proven that garlic reduces blood cholesterol levels by up to 15%.


4. Garlic contributes to the detoxification of the body

The main value of garlic in liver disorders is the power to detoxify by eliminating putrefactive bacteria in the intestines, helping the liver to rest. Liver function is stimulated by vitamins A and B contained in garlic.

5. Garlic is an excellent remedy for cough

Quickly and easily getting rid of cough and other unpleasant symptoms of cold can help you get a hot garlic drink. To prepare the tea, cut a clove of garlic and pour hot water over it, leave it for a few minutes to obtain a more concentrated beverage. If you do not like the taste and smell you can add a little honey or ginger. The effect will not be long awaited.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of the strong smell of garlic:

  • Choose fresh and pumped dogs;
  • Wash the minced garlic to remove the strong smelling oil;
  • After garlic eat yogurt or drink a glass of milk, they will refresh your breath.

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