11 Fascinating Aspects About Breathing

Some amazing aspects about breathing and how breathing can completely transform your life!

Yoga, meditation and pranayama practices place great emphasis on breathing. But we do not focus very often on how we breathe day by day, moment by moment, and how breathing affects our way of life.

Aspects About Breathing

  1. Breathing has very little to do with oxygen. Air has 21% oxygen, and the body needs only 5%. It’s all about carbon dioxide!

  2. Breathing through the mouth can, in time, cause a decrease in the jaw – hence resulting in crooked teeth (or a relapse of the jaw after the dental appliance is removed).

  3. Breathing from the mouth is the main cause for children who have difficulties when speaking.

  4. Awakening at night to use bathroom is most likely a consequence of open mouth breathing. Breathing from the mouth causes the bladder to shrink, which makes you feel as if you are in urgent need of the bathroom.

  5. The more you breathe (hyperventilation), the more hungry you will feel and the more acidic your body will become.

  6. Breathing should only be done at the intensity at which you can keep your mouth shut.

  7. Naturally we change the position while sleeping at about every 30 minutes, and this is mainly due to balancing the breath through each of the nostrils.

  8. The nose has a 4-stage filtration system. By breathing from your mouth you go directly to step 4. This easily leads to sore throat, tonsillitis and even ear infections.

  9. Asthma is most often misdiagnosed. Often it is hereditary and if you were born with this disease, you will have it all your life – however, through a program of breathing and a change of external factors you can breathe without needing steroids the rest of your life!

  10. Inspiration on the nose and exhalation on the mouth influence the balance of carbon dioxide in the body. This way of breathing leads to a loss of carbon dioxide. Holding the breath can increase the amount of carbon dioxide, which will help re-balance the PH level.

  11. If we “stretch” the lungs, flat, they would be the size of a tennis ground!

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