Who Are The Indigo Children?

Indigo Children

indigo children

The name “indigo children” was first used by parapsychologist, teacher and counselor Nancy Ann Tappe, who developed the concept in the 1970s, specifically through the book “Understanding Your Life Through Colors”. She argues that in the 1960s she began to notice that more and more children were born with indigo aura and they are different.

According to the parapsychologist, 80% of the children born after 1980 presented a new dark blue field, that was considered as entitled to be called indigo. When we say indigo child, we do not refer just to the aura’s color to associate with this word, but also to a certain type of personality, which is rarely encountered in today’s society.

What does an indigo child mean?

An indigo child is a very special person. They are considered the creators of the new world and are represented by souls endowed with the power to change everything that is old and to bring a new breath into different environments, according to gaia.com. Indigo children are determined and energetic children, hyperactive and some are diagnosed with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) during childhood.

“Indigo children” were named after the color of the aura they carry, but also because this new human race has great ideals on planet Earth, say the promoters of the esoteric theory.

Proponents of the theory say that a large wave of Indigo people was born in the 1970s, so now we have a whole generation of Indigo people who are about to take their places as leaders in the world. Indigo people continued to be born until 2000, with increasing skills and sophisticated degrees of creativity and technology.

“They were born with the ability to heal through the power of the mind diseases in which modern medicine has not yet found a cure. They are able to see the clear future and know how was the past of humanity and Earth, without anyone having ever talked to them about it. They are extraordinarily talented, with an IQ close to genius. They write, read, paint, sing from a baby stage. They know that in this life they have a crucial mission: to change the world. They are said to be representatives of the new human race. They are the children of the future, the children of the millennium, the children of indigo “, say the specialists in parapsychology.

One of these indigo children is Igor Ionin, a young man from Russia,  14 years old, who was gifted with a special power: that of healing without touch, through energetic massage. This is why, daily, in the house on Ivan Konstantinovici Aivazovski street, in Moscow, where he lives, waves of people are asking for his help.

And Igor, the “son of the angels,” as he is called, strives hard to help everyone. He does not receive any money from anyone, believing that if he were to receive, the healing powers would disappear forever.

Igor Ionin’s special abilities have been carefully studied by several Russian scientists, physicians, psychologists, physicists, specialists in parapsychology.


The wicked boy was invited to many television shows, conferences and scientific events. Dozens of articles have been written about him and several documentary films have been made. This is how she heard and learned about the skills of Igor – Galina Baghirova, an expert in child psychology, who, for years have been studying the phenomenon of indigo children.

Renowned herself in Russia for her extra-sensory abilities, Galina Baghirova launched, a few years ago, the parent education and awareness campaign “My baby has a sixth sense”. Through courses, conferences and television shows, the psychologist Baghirova invites parents of children with extrasensory properties to share their experiences, thus trying to raise awareness and public awareness of the fact that these children are not “weird” children, but the representatives of the new human race.

The famous specialist in parapsychology set up a special school in Moscow, where indigo children learn how to discover and understand the powers with which they were endowed, to develop and to use them. Dozens of children with different abilities are enrolled there, some predict the future, others communicate with the spirits, others are able to diagnose a condition by simply touching and so on. Igor Ionin is one of her most active students.

In the school, different demonstration conferences are held, through which Galina Baghirova tries to prove to the public that the endowments of these children are real and possible. The most commonly used experiment is the one that proves that subjects are able to see what ordinary people do not see. Recently, such a demonstration took place in the Russian capital. Five indigo children took part in the experiment.

I’m going to write more about this subject, so, if you are interested, come back soon!

Note: The images are random, they are not presenting real indigo children!

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