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How do you recognize an indigo child?

indigo children

An indigo child is born with the feeling that he has come to the world to accomplish an important mission. The child is hypersensitive, isolated, has clairvoyant abilities and is able to feel the vibrations of nature and the cosmos. His precocity makes him different from the rest of the children who consider him a stranger and isolate him. As a rule, indigo children are self-taught and their intuition is exceptional.

The specialists monitored part of the births performed after the 90’s and concluded that during 1992-1994, most births of children with indigo aura occurred. Indigo children are surprising  not only by their intelligence, but also by their extrasensory abilities.

10 personality traits

In order to better understand the appearance of an indigo child or adult, parapsychologists present a list of their most important characteristics:

  1. They are perfect thinkers and prefer to do things according to their value system. They will never submit to the system because they consider it sick and rotten.
  2. They have a common wisdom from the first years of life.

  3. Traditional discipline is not a way of educating indigo children. They are the ones who do not recognize their parents as tutors in life and will not be subject to the injustices produced at home.

  4. Indigo children vibrate at a higher energy level than ordinary people, but the flip side of the medal is that they can be easily charged with negative energy.

  5. They are slightly emotionally unstable, they can have excesses of personality, and anger is a way to balance energy.

  6. They are most often diagnosed with ADHD because they have an energetic and impulsive behavior.

  7. They are extremely intuitive, they can see or hear things that ordinary people do not have access to.

  8. Indigo children have different food sensitivities, but also environmental, because they are extremely sensitive to any stimulus from outside.

  9. When their needs are not met they become selfish. Their true state is not this, but in order to create something they have to meet certain conditions.

  10. These children have incredible gifts, but they can only be used when they are constantly growing them.

How are indigo children

The older ones (can be any age, but most were born in 1970) are designated as indigo and share some characteristics with crystal children. Both generations are sensitive, transcendental and have important life goals, but temperaments differ. The indigo color belongs to the third eye chakra, which represents an energy center inside the head located between the two eyebrows. This center controls clairvoyance or the ability to see energy, visions and spirits – so many indigo children are clairvoyants.

Indigo children have a warrior spirit because their collective purpose is to annihilate old systems that are no longer useful to us. They are on Earth in order to change the leadership, the education system and the legislative system that lacks integrity. To achieve this, they need strong wires and fiery determination.

They may feel lack of sincerity, just as a dog feels fear. They know when they are lied, treated with superiority or manipulated. And since their collective purpose is to introduce us to a whole new world, the inner lie detectors are unwavering. The spirit of the fighters may seem threatening to some adults. They are unable to adapt to dysfunctional situations at home, work or school. They cannot dissociate from feelings and cannot pretend that everything is okay unless they are medicated / sedated.

Individuals who oppose change and value compliance may misunderstand indigo children, who are often identified with psychiatric diagnoses of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Unfortunately, as a result of the medication, they may lose their sensitivity, spiritual gifts and energy of fighters. Many times, however, the traits mentioned to indigo children are encouraged by even parents / families who encourage behaviors considered in the past as antisocial (arrogance, individualism).

Characteristics presented by the promoters of the concept about the indigo children:


  • Enter the world with a sense of royalty (and act accordingly)
  • They feel they deserve to be here and are surprised when others disagree
  • Self-worth is not a big problem for them and they tell parents who they are
  • They have problems with absolute authority (without explanation or choice)
  • They don’t do certain things simply; it is difficult for them to stay in line
  • They get frustrated with the systems that are ritually oriented and do not require creative thinking
  • They often see better ways of solving things, at home and at school, which makes them seem to not conform to any system
  • They may seem antisocial, except when they are with theirs, otherwise they can be internalized, feeling that no one understands them
  • The school is difficult for them from a social point of view
  • They will not respond to the discipline of guilt (“wait until my father comes home and find out what you did”)
  • They won’t be shy about announcing what they want

Indigo children – what we should know about

They have some common characteristics with Crystal Children, sensitive and have a specific purpose in life. The difference is in temperament. Indigo children have a warrior spirit, their purpose is to overthrow old beliefs that are no longer useful. They will annihilate organizations, educational and legal systems that have no integrity.

Adults who oppose the changes will not understand Indigo Children, who may receive various diagnoses (ADD, ADHD). Many of these problems are treated with drugs, and Indigo Children lose their sensibilities, spiritual gifts and warrior energy.

In contrast, Crystal Children are slightly more docile than Indigo Children, although emotional crises can occur from time to time. Crystal children are the generation that benefits from the “roadblocks”. Indigo children are in front of the machetes, mowing and downing everything that has no integrity. They are followed by the Crystal Children who come to “clean” for a safer world. Then come the infamous Rainbow Children, pure and generous souls who manage to meet the needs of all.

I’m going to write more about indigo children and also about the other two categories : crystal and rainbow children, so come back soon.

Who Are The Indigo Children?

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Note: The images are random, they are not presenting real indigo children!

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