The Human Body – Curiosities

Curiosities about the human body


The human body has many curiosities, that sometimes we get surprised. Did you know why we get “chicken skin or goosebumps” when it is cold, why the eye flounder or why the fingernails grow faster than the ones on the feet?

The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue, a person spends about 6 years dreaming, and a skin cell lives about 4 weeks, while a nervous cell can live about 60 years…?

Find some of the explanations below.

Milk and muscles

If you consume the necessary nutrients immediately after a physical workout, this may change certain things. People try proteins and all kinds of steroids for the muscle mass to develop as much as possible. But cow’s milk has proven to be an amazing product. A ten-week study of  men who consumed two cups of skimmed milk after physical training revealed that they put on twice as much muscle mass as if they consumed soy drinks or consumed the same amount of protein. In addition, they lost fat and could cope much better with their activities. So try milk at the expense of other beverages that promise to help.

Muscle cramps or fiver

Cramps are sustained muscle contractions and can usually occur due to lactic acid and salt imbalance or lack of magnesium. Also, physical exercises in areas where there is moisture can lead to intense sweating and thus the body is deprived of salt. Athletes are usually given magnesium tablets. If you do stretching in the morning and evening, in a few days the cramps will pass.

Eye flounder

If your eye is floundering and the sensation is very strange, you do not have to worry. These spasms are contractions of the muscles located around the eyebrows and are processes that occur spontaneously, involuntary processes. The causes can be fatigue, stress, dehydration or excessive caffeine consumption. Try to rest longer, stop drinking coffee and slowly massage your eyes.


human body

If you did not know, the muscles at the base of the hair are activated and the hair rises when it is cold or we are scared. The same is true of animals. When they are nervous, the hair from the neck rises to scare off the potential attackers. The release of stress hormones among humans works in the same way, but because humans do not look as good as animals, this results in the appearance of “chicken skin or goosebumps”. This is why, when we are cold, the body tries to defend itself, and the hair rises to maintain warmth. Unfortunately, in the case of people it doesn’t work as well as for animals.

Did you know that …

  • The most newborns born with blue eyes? Exposure to the sun and melanin helps to define the true color of the eyes.
  • That the nails of the hands grow faster than those of the feet? Well, this is because blood flow is much stronger in the palm. Thus, there is a greater supply of oxygen to the nails.
  • Is a higher IQ correlated with more dreams? The conclusion: very intelligent people are more “dreamers”.
  • A person produce so much saliva over his life that he can fill two pools?
  • After eating at lunch, we usually fall asleep. This is because blood irrigates the digestive organs that absorb nutrients, thus decreasing brain circulation, which makes us more sleepy.

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