7 Most Bizarre Phobias Of People

What Phobia Is?




Phobia is a pathological state of anxiety, of irrational fear and obsessing over a thing or a situation that often does not represent a real danger. Some phobias, such as the fear of heights or the fear of open spaces, are quite well known, while others are rarely encountered and shocked or amused by their object.

Here are 7 of the most bizarre phobias that unfortunately some people suffer from

1. Scopophobia or fear of being watched

This weirdly named phobia is the irrational fear of other people staring at you or observing you. It sounds weird, but those who suffer from scopophobia can’t stand to draw attention to themselves and are, for the most part, unapproachable.

They become paranoid and imagine that everyone looks at them, so they avoid leaving the house and stay as isolated as they can.

2. Chrometophobia or fear of money

Fear of money is definitely one of the weirdest phobias. It is extremely strange for anyone to develop the fear of money, since almost everyone needs them.

Some researchers have claimed that chrometophobia is a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder that consists of fear of microbes that are on the money. A rather plausible explanation, given that this fear is centered on metal and paper money.

As long as they have no physical contact with the money, those suffering from chrometophobia have no problem using bank cards.

3. Dorafobia or fear of fur

Dorafobia is the pathological fear of touching the fur or skin of animals, such as dogs, cats, rabbits or foxes. However, this phobia is not so exaggerated, since many fur animals can carry rabies or various parasites, which can be transmitted to humans.


4. Pediophobia or fear of dolls

Pediophobia is a common phobia and can be associated with various types of dolls: from the old, from the porcelain, to those of today, who talk and move.

Basically, those who suffer from pedophobia are not only scared of the weird or scary dolls, but also of the ordinary ones, with friendly faces.

In fact, pediophobia is the uncontrollable fear of artificial imitation of a living being, so those who suffer from this phobia are also afraid of robots and dummies.

5. Dromophobia or fear of crossing the street

Those suffering from dromophobia have an irrational fear of crossing the street, being convinced that if they do, something bad will happen to them. This phobia is not, however, associated with the fear of cars, because people who have dromophobia are afraid to cross even a desert intersection.

Being so panicked at the sight of roads, highways or railways, these people find it extremely difficult to live in cities, especially in large cities.

There are several types of dromophobia: the fear of highways, the fear of narrow country roads, the fear of crossing the street in a forbidden place and, more strangely, the fear of crossing the street at zebra or traffic lights, or the fear of crossing the street alone.

6. Decidophobia or fear of making decisions

Some phobias can have profound psychological consequences. It is hard to imagine what life looks like for a person suffering from decidophobia, since almost everything we do in life is based on decisions and choices.

Those who suffer from decidophobia are aware of this and, being extremely scared not to make the wrong decision, they go through a state of anxiety and deep anxiety when faced with a decision.


7. Coulrophobia or fear of clowns

The fear of clowns is a bizarre phenomenon, encountered not only in children, but also in adults. Usually, the children see clowns as imposing and unusual characters, so the experience of meeting one, doubled by the atmosphere and the multitude of people who gather at children’s parties can be overwhelming for a child.

Being such a scary experience, the fear of clowns can reappear at maturity.

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