12 Incredible Things About The Human Body

12 Incredible things, not all of us know, about the human body


  1. 50% of women have a fourth receptor in the eye, in addition to the three normally existing ones, which helps them distinguish more colors.

  2. Humans are the only mammals that cannot swallow and breathe at the same time.

  3. Recovery of blood vessels after sunburn can take 4 to 15 months. Do not leave the house without giving yourself sunscreen. You probably heard a lot of people telling you this. Here’s one more reason to listen to those who give you this advice. Your body may still be recovering from the sunburn you did last summer.

  4. The legs have over 500,000 sweat glands and can produce almost 500 ml of sweat per day.

  5. An explanation for the fact that people cannot keep their eyes open when sneezing is related to the speed of a sneeze, which can exceed 160 km per hour.

  6. The risk of heart attack is higher in Monday. This was revealed by a study conducted in Scotland over 10 years. The explanation is that on the first day of the week the feeling of unhappiness and the stress of starting a new week of work are stronger.

  7. Each 500 g of fat that is deposited in our body leads to the emergence of 11 km of new blood vessels.

  8. On average, a person eats 50 tons of food throughout life and drinks about 41,600 liters of liquids.

  9. Gastric acid is strong enough to dissolve razor blades.

  10. If we could unite all the blood vessels existing in a human body, we could give a double round to Earth.

  11. Each of us has a specific smell, and the members of a family have similar smells.

  12. The human brain can store 5 times more information than the British Encyclopedia.

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