Jennifer Garner: The Most Beautiful Woman 2019

Jennifer Garner nominated by “People” magazine the most beautiful woman of the year 2019

Jennifer Garner People

Jennifer Garner, actress, entrepreneur and child rights activist, was nominated by People magazine the most beautiful woman of 2019. The publication explained that they chose the 47-year-old star for her acting career and charitable work and for the way of raising her three children with her ex-husband, Ben Affleck.

In addition to acting, Garner co-founded organic children’s food company Once Upon a Farm and is an ambassador for Save the Children organization.

She told People she never considered herself “one of the pretty girls” when she lived in West Virginia. The actress confessed that she often wears comfortable clothes, excepting when she is on the red carpet, and that her three children prefer her to look “like a mother.”

Jennifer Garner (47) was named the most beautiful woman especially for her very simple way of life, her engagements in charitable acts and the fact that she looks after her three children, Violet, 13, Seraphina, for 10 years, and Samuel, for seven years.

The actress, with a fortune of $ 60 million, divorced last year from Ben Affleck, but continues to stay close to him for growing their children. Very modest, Garner says, she never considered herself attractive, even when she was younger. “Physics have never been very important in my family. I don’t think my parents ever told me “You are cute”, said the actress.

Jennifer Garner feels flattered by appreciation


Actress Jennifer Garner says she feels flattered because she was so appreciated by People magazine. The star, who was born in West Virginia, USA, says she thanks her parents for raising her feet on the ground.

She prefers to dress in jeans, with sports shoes and sweaters, outside the particularly elegant outfits she wears, when beautifully dressed, on the red carpet.

But when she gets home after the bright pictures, her three children ask her: “Can you wash your face? Can you straighten your hair in a ponytail? And I see compliments in that. They just want to look like their mother, ”the star confessed.

In 2018, singer Pink was chosen and one year before, actress Julia Roberts.


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