5 Celebrities – We Forgot They Have Curly Hair

Straight, Wavy, Curly Hair – Today You Can Have Any Look You Want

If you have wanted all your life to get curly hair or that perfect curls, and the natural methods have not helped you enough, the varied range of hair care products available today can be a solution to try, to fulfill your dream. Hair curlers and hair dryers with the diffuser are the most handy products to have curly hair.

Even celebrities didn’t ignored such products, changing their look over time, so today we no longer remember what they looked like when they came into the spotlight. From time to time, celebrities publish on social networks pictures of their natural look, to remind fans how much they have changed in recent years or, in some situations, to surprise them with an image they did not know. Here are some of the celebrities who have natural curly hair, but prefer, most of the time, to wear it straight.

1. Ariana Grande


Singer and actress Ariana Grande is one of the stars of whom no one knew she had curly hair. She has accustomed her fans with a totally different look to the natural one. With long, straight hair, which she holds in a ponytail, Ariana Grande has formed her own style, leaving behind her natural look. Only from time to time, the public star, on social networks, photos in which she appears with the wavy and voluminous hair. (image from BeautyCrew)

2. Salma Hayek


Actress Salma Hayek likes to play with her look. Whether she chooses to wear wigs or color her hair in different shades, her style is unique. However, Salma Hayek’s natural hair is dark brown, curly hair. Just as natural are the loops, thanks to which, every time they wear and show them to the fans on social networks, they receive flattering comments. (image from Wikipedia)

3. Taylor Swift


When Taylor Swift came into the spotlight, she was a teenager with a guitar in her hand and a totally different look from the last years. With long hair and voluminous curls, Taylor Swift quickly became noticed. But now the texture of her hair has changed, as the singer says. Now she has the right hair she wanted since she was a teenager. The star spoke in an interview for an American magazine about how her hair was changed, confessing that, although she dreamed of being a teenager, she was missing the curls. (image from Eonline)

4. Shakira


Shakira is one of the stars who always takes pride in her natural curls. However, she also uses different methods to obtain special loops. Hair clips are the most widely used products by the singer to emphasize their perfect curls. She even released, at one point, a video that made her feel like she was playing a big part in a hair clip show. (image from Wikipedia)

5. Beyoncé

Ever since BeyoncĂ© was part of Destiny’s Child (the biggest-selling girl band in history), her look was one that caught my eye. Today, in her case, she talks about “hairography” in her representations. The star frequently wears natural hair, with voluminous curls, which complement her outfit and, as the international press writes, her shows. (image from Time)

For celebrities as well as ordinary people, hair can be an expression of uniqueness, and when it is well cared for and arranged it can give you a well-being and more confidence in yourself.

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