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How Suitable Are Pets Near A Child?

  Pets Near A Child: A study of nearly 600 young people revealed that early exposure to cats and dogs prevents little ones from developing allergies later in life. The first year of a child’s life is the most important period in building resistance, according to the authors of the

What Your Cat Will Do To Get Attention?

Does Your Cat Need Attention? What Your Cat Will Do To Get It! When a cat needs attention, she will remove all obstacles until she gets what she wants. And, although your cat has its own personality, it can exhibit a somewhat “sticky” behavior that resonates with all feline lovers,

7 Bizarre Behaviors Of Cats

Bizarre Behaviors Of Cats   Funny, lighthearted and at times temperamental, cats are simply charming. Although they prefer discretion in most situations, cats surprise their owners from time to time, dropping household items or cramming into a box. But even if some cats behaviors may be difficult to understand, each

How To Choose Fishes For Your Aquarium?

How To Choose The Most Long-Lasting Fishes For Your Aquarium   Fishes have always attracted people’s attention. We all love to see these lovely, little creature, that make us smile, but we should know how to choose the fishes for the aquarium. For those who are at the beginning of

Foods You Should NEVER Give To Your Parrot!

Here are the 6 foods you should never give to your parrot! Many edible foods for humans are toxic to parrots. Some foods, even offered once, can be so harmful that they can make the bird sick or even kill it. According to petcha. com, vegetables, fruits, cereals, seeds and

Why Is Your Dog Happy When He Sees You?

Do you think the quadruped recognizes you? Is your dog happy when he sees you?Here’s what the specialists say: Dogs are loved by humans not just because they are adorable, friendly, fluffy and loving beings, but also for their intelligence. If you had the impression that your dog recognizes you,

7 Strange And Amusing Behaviors Of Cats

7 Behaviors of cats, explained by specialists: Most cat lovers have already learned the signals offered by their felines through certain behavioral patterns. Thus, they know when the cat is hungry, stressed or bored. But there are behaviors of cats that, for others, are shrouded in mystery. Sometimes we can

Why is’t good to have a cat?

Scientists have explained the benefits to have a cat as a pet. Cats are not just photogenic, their presence is beneficial for human health. Cats cure us! 1. Cats cure us The cat’s spin facilitates wound healing. Scientists are still carefully examining the origins of this sound, but we all