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What Is Mindfulness Meditation? (2)

Mindfulness meditation – relaxation and observation Mindfulness meditation does not mean control, but only observation of what is happening in the present moment. In order to practice mindfulness-type meditation correctly, you should not try to influence any particular process that is taking place in your body. For example, if you

What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

What is mindfulness meditation and how can we practice it? Mindfulness meditation means a thorough awareness of everything that is happening with us at the moment, right now. In other words, deep experience of everything you live in today and now, without thinking about what you discussed a few minutes

What Is Meditation And Why Should Be Part Of Your Life?

What is meditation? The noise from the streets, the doors slamming, the TVs in the background, the phones whose notifications don’t stop, the songs ringing from the headphones of the office colleagues… All of these are part of our daily lives and all are stressors, anxiety, frustrations and nerves. If